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HB1192 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to the board of acupuncture licensing and relative to the qualifications for licensure as an acupuncturist.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Carol McGuire , John Reagan, Peter Schmidt

HB1445 text
HBTitle:relative to the identification of police vehicles.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Douglas Trottier , Kevin Craig, Mike Bordes, Richard Littlefield, Travis O'Hara

HB1563 text
HBTitle:requiring state employees to be enrolled in the deferred compensation plan.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Carol McGuire , John Reagan, Leonard Turcotte, Gregory Hill

HB1191 text
HBTitle:relative to electrical work, plumbing, and fuel gas fitting in one or two family housing.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Carol McGuire , John Reagan

HB1062 text
HBTitle:relative to the duties of the electrology advisory committee.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Carol McGuire , John Reagan, Peter Schmidt, Dianne Schuett

HB1446 text
HBTitle:relative to the governing board of recreational therapists and relative to the governing board of respiratory care practitioners.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dianne Schuett , Carol McGuire

HB1447 text
HBTitle:prohibiting state agencies from using face recognition technology.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Carol McGuire , John Reagan, Gary Hopper, Peter Schmidt, Josh Yokela, Gregg Hough

HB1061 text
HBTitle:relative to the midwifery council.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Carol McGuire , Jeffrey Goley, Peter Schmidt, Dianne Schuett

HB1016 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to licensing of speech-language specialists.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Carol McGuire , John Reagan

HB1184 text
HBTitle:authorizing the establishment of revolving funds.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Douglas Trottier , Timothy Lang, Mike Bordes, Richard Littlefield, Travis O'Hara

HB1177 text
HBTitle:relative to permissible residential units in a residential zone.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ivy Vann , Jeb Bradley, Marjorie Porter, Efstathia Booras, Latha Mangipudi, Ellen Read, Casey Conley, Laurel Stavis, Rebecca McWilliams, Tony Caplan, Eric Gallager

HB1017 text
HBTitle:establishing criminal penalties for harming or threatening to harm an essential worker.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Laurel Stavis , Susan Almy, Janice Schmidt, Richard Abel, Ivy Vann, Patricia Klee, Brian Sullivan, Melbourne Moran

HB1202 text
HBTitle:relative to transportation of pupils to school activities by a contract carrier.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ralph Boehm , Rick Ladd

HB1188 text
HBTitle:(New Title) establishing a commission to study OHRV use in the state and clarifying certain towing statutes.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Suzanne Smith , David Watters, Linda Gould, Timothy Egan, Joyce Weston, Erin Hennessey, Dennis Thompson, Eamon Kelley

HB1043 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study regulations applicable to small businesses that sell food.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Judy Aron , Carol McGuire, Kevin Avard, David Binford, David Love, Mike Bordes, Dawn Johnson, Brodie Deshaies

HB1668 text
HBTitle:requiring a background check prior to any commercial firearm sale.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Katherine Rogers

HB1064 text
HBTitle:requiring the use of hand-marked, durable paper ballots in elections.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mark Alliegro , John Reagan, Kenneth Weyler, Norman Silber, Bob Giuda, Gregg Hough, Richard Littlefield, Jeffrey Greeson, Jim Kofalt, JD Bernardy

HB1662 text
HBTitle:(Second New Title) relative to the privacy obligations of the department of health and human services, an appropriation for housing expenses for homeless people and parameters thereof, electronic wage payments, and requiring online marketplaces to disclose certain information to consumers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jess Edwards , Charles McMahon, Bill Nelson, Timothy Lang, Jeffrey Salloway, Bob Giuda, James Gray, Mark Pearson

HB1042 text
HBTitle:requiring certain health advisory notices to be provided to renters of vacation or recreational rental units.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Rosemarie Rung , Suzanne Gottling, Christy Bartlett, Karel Crawford, John MacDonald

HB1525 text
HBTitle:establishing a county nursing home capital reserve fund.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Judy Aron , John Cloutier, Steven Smith, Tracy Emerick, Jess Edwards, Walter Stapleton, Ruth Ward, Mark Pearson, Brian Sullivan, Suzanne Prentiss

HB1448 text
HBTitle:relative to the pretermitted heir statute.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Bob Lynn , Karen Umberger

HB1203 text
HBTitle:(Second New Title) relative to voter registration and verification of voter identity.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan , Janet Wall, Judith Spang, Paul Berch, Ellen Read, Sherry Frost, Bruce Cohen, Cam Kenney

HB1556 text
HBTitle:relative to on-premise and off-premise sales at a beverage manufacturer's facility.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ross Berry

HB1475 text
HBTitle:relative to the enforcement authority of liquor enforcement officers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Douglas Trottier , Richard Littlefield, Travis O'Hara

HB1054 text
HBTitle:requiring an audit of the state police.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Douglas Trottier , Richard Littlefield

HB1049 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study landfill siting criteria and methods for reducing pressure on landfill capacity.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Judy Aron , David Watters, Peter Bixby, Troy Merner, Megan Murray, Rebecca McWilliams, Erin Hennessey

HB1673 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to certain provisions of the fetal life protection act requiring an ultrasound examination.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Marjorie Smith , Katherine Rogers, Robert Renny Cushing, Amanda Bouldin, Alexis Simpson, Debra Altschiller, Kate Murray, Tom Sherman, Cam Kenney, Cindy Rosenwald, Rebecca Whitley, Amanda Elizabeth Toll

HB1059 text
HBTitle:clarifying limits on licensure by operation of law.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Sallie Fellows

HB1424 text
HBTitle:relative to the speed limit for watercraft on Lake Winnipesaukee.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mike Bordes , William Infantine, John Potucek, Richard Littlefield, Douglas Trottier, Dennis Thompson, Robert Healey

HB1508 text
HBTitle:prohibiting discharge of volunteer firefighters or volunteer emergency medical technicians from other employment.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Brodie Deshaies , Dan Wolf, Bonnie Ham, Mark Pearson, Jim Maggiore, James Allard, Mike Bordes

HB1635 text
HBTitle:relative to the purchase of output of limited electrical energy producers and including qualifying storage system.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kat McGhee , Dan Wolf, Troy Merner, Walter Stapleton, James Allard

HB1012 text
HBTitle:relative to notice for the cutting of trees by utilities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) William Marsh , Karel Crawford, Linda Massimilla, Kat McGhee, Gary Merchant, James Allard

CACR13 text
CACRTitle:relating to legislator compensation. Providing that compensation for elected members of the general court shall be amended.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Brodie Deshaies , Jim Maggiore

HB1625 text
HBTitle:repealing the prohibition on entering or remaining on a public way or sidewalk adjacent to a reproductive health care facility.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Niki Kelsey , Jeanine Notter, Linda Gould, Gary Daniels, Kevin Avard, Maureen Mooney, Walter Stapleton, Mark Pearson, Hershel Nunez, Denise Ricciardi, Vanessa Sheehan, Tim Baxter

HB1055 text
HBTitle:relative to the property tax exemption for individuals with disabilities and individuals who are deaf or severely hearing impaired.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Brodie Deshaies , Karel Crawford, William Marsh, John MacDonald

HB1057 text
HBTitle:relative to the tax exemption for the elderly.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Brodie Deshaies , Karel Crawford, William Marsh, John MacDonald

HB1058 text
HBTitle:relative to the time allowed for public school students to eat lunch.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Brodie Deshaies , Suzanne Smith, Linda Massimilla, Alexis Simpson, Bonnie Ham, Manny Espitia, James Allard

HB1562 text
HBTitle:clarifying the prohibition on using an electronic or telecommunications device while driving.
 Sponsors: (Prime) James Spillane , John Reagan, Steven Smith, Hershel Nunez, Alan Bershtein, Melissa Blasek

HCR7 text
HCRTitle:reaffirming support for the nation of Israel and the location of the embassy of the United States therein.
 Sponsors: (Prime) James Spillane , Jeanine Notter, Norman Silber, David Binford, Kevin Verville, Michael Yakubovich, Alan Bershtein, Judy Aron, Dawn Johnson, Melissa Blasek

HB1576 text
HBTitle:repealing the law relative to certain discrimination in public workplaces and education.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Manny Espitia , Donna Soucy, David Cote, Robert Renny Cushing, Linda Harriott-Gathright, Mel Myler, Latha Mangipudi, Charlotte DiLorenzo, Jay Kahn, Israel Piedra, Joshua Query, Cindy Rosenwald, Rebecca Whitley, Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

HB1637 text
HBTitle:requiring parents of public school students to submit a survey when electing an education freedom account.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Brodie Deshaies , Patrick Long, Linda Massimilla, Dan Wolf, Bonnie Ham, James Allard

HB1060 text
HBTitle:authorizing the New Hampshire Environmental Educators to issue decal plates.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kat McGhee , Karel Crawford, Brodie Deshaies

HB1633 text
HBTitle:relative to requiring COVID-19 vaccination for school attendance.
 Sponsors: (Prime) William Marsh , Jerry Knirk, Jay Kahn, Tom Sherman, Joe Schapiro, Rosemarie Rung, Gary Woods, James Allard, Cindy Rosenwald, James Murphy, Mark Paige

HB1612 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to the confidentiality of reports made to the division for children, youth, and families.
 Sponsors: (Prime) James Spillane , Kevin Avard, Ellen Read, Alicia Lekas, Alan Bershtein, Terry Roy

HB1564 text
HBTitle:requiring school districts to provide breakfast for students.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Brodie Deshaies , Suzanne Smith, Linda Massimilla, Alexis Simpson, Dan Wolf, Bonnie Ham, James Allard

HB1561 text
HBTitle:relative to school nutrition standards.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Brodie Deshaies , Suzanne Smith, Alexis Simpson, Bonnie Ham, James Allard

HB1066 text
HBTitle:(Second New Title) requiring the commissioner of the department of environmental services to prepare a plan relative to cyanobacterial blooms in New Hampshire.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Rosemarie Rung , Suzanne Prentiss

HB1014 text
HBTitle:allowing public meetings to be conducted virtually.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Alexis Simpson , David Cote, Robert Renny Cushing, Lucy Weber, Karen Ebel, William Marsh, Matthew Wilhelm

HB1056 text
HBTitle:relative to veterans' tax credits.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Brodie Deshaies , Karel Crawford, John Leavitt, John MacDonald

HB1204 text
HBTitle:reducing the rate of the meals and rooms tax and increasing the revenue sharing of meals and rooms tax revenue with municipalities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Brodie Deshaies , Karel Crawford, John MacDonald, Mike Bordes

HB1476 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to release of a defendant pending trial.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ross Berry , Barbara Shaw, Patrick Long, John Burt, Mark McLean, Heidi Hamer, Joe Alexander, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1170 text
HBTitle:limiting the authority of New Hampshire delegates to policymaking conventions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Scott Wallace , Jordan Ulery, Peter Torosian, Deborah Hobson, JD Bernardy

HB1565 text
HBTitle:relative to the opioid abatement trust fund.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Judy Aron , Linda Massimilla, Skip Rollins, Walter Stapleton, Mark Pearson, Dennis Acton, Joseph Depalma IV

CACR18 text
CACRTitle:relating to reproductive medical decisions. Providing that the state shall not infringe or unduly inconvenience the right of reproductive medical decisions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Amanda Elizabeth Toll , Timothy Smith, Debra Altschiller, Sherry Frost, Chuck Grassie, Nicole Klein-Knight, Joshua Query, Manny Espitia, Rebecca McWilliams, Stephanie Hyland

HB1067 text
HBTitle:relative to limitations on prosecution for first degree assault.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Max Abramson

HB1605 text
HBTitle:requiring SAUs to maintain a report on the 5-year projection of future enrollments.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Gerald Griffin , Robert Theberge, Joseph Pitre, Tracy Emerick

HB1019 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study the replacement of certain professional licenses with mandatory minimum liability insurance requirements.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Harrington

HB1176 text
HBTitle:relative to reducing the penalty for sex work within one's own home.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Max Abramson , Joshua Adjutant

HB1566 text
HBTitle:relative to the New Hampshire prescription drug affordability board.
 Sponsors: (Prime) James Murphy , Sharon Carson, William Marsh, Tom Sherman, Joyce Weston, Gary Merchant

HB1000 text
HBTitle:prohibiting motorcycle profiling.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Steven Smith , Sherman Packard, Jeanine Notter, Thomas Walsh, Kimberly Rice, Fred Doucette, Jason Osborne, Leonard Turcotte, Benjamin Baroody, Daryl Abbas

HB1169 text
HBTitle:relative to public comment and inquiry during school board meetings.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Judy Aron , Al Baldasaro, John Potucek, Douglas Thomas, Michael Moffett, Bob Giuda, Dawn Johnson, Leah Cushman, Vanessa Sheehan, Tom Lanzara, Tina Harley

HB1050 text
HBTitle:declaring November 11 as Remembrance Day.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Steve Shurtleff

HB1512 text
HBTitle:relative to the parole of certain prisoners.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Max Abramson , Joshua Adjutant

HB1091 text
HBTitle:relative to search warrants for individuals engaged in fish and game activities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) James Spillane , David Binford, Jess Edwards, Hershel Nunez

HB1335 text
HBTitle:relative to the parole board and the procedure for medical parole of prisoners.
 Sponsors: (Prime) James Murphy , Sharon Carson, William Marsh, Tom Sherman, Cindy Rosenwald

HB1020 text
HBTitle:relative to additional lights on emergency vehicles.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Douglas Trottier , Mike Bordes, Richard Littlefield

CACR24 text
CACRTitle:the attorney general. Providing that the attorney general be elected by a majority vote of the members of the general court in a joint session.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Norman Silber , James Spillane, Kurt Wuelper, David Love, Tony Lekas, Gregg Hough, Mark Alliegro, JD Bernardy

HB1323 text
HBTitle:relative to hike safe cards.
 Sponsors: (Prime) James Spillane , John Reagan, Kevin Avard, Timothy Lang, Harold French, Michael Yakubovich, Stephen Pearson, Terry Roy

HB1137 text
HBTitle:relative to the duty of school boards to provide education.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Glenn Cordelli , John Reagan, Michael Moffett, Bob Giuda, Alicia Lekas, Tony Piemonte, Dawn Johnson, Diane Pauer, Erica Layon, Melissa Litchfield

HB1205 text
HBTitle:allowing the department of environmental services to have access to enhanced 911 information.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Potucek , Patrick Abrami, Joseph Guthrie, Norman Silber, Walter Stapleton, Mark Pearson, Tina Harley

HB1449 text
HBTitle:creating a toll booth exemption for vehicle funeral processions to the veterans cemetery in Boscawen.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Maureen Mooney , Al Baldasaro, Jeanine Notter, Kevin Avard, Rosemarie Rung, Robert Healey

HB1080 text
HBTitle:relative to the rights of conscience for medical professionals.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mark Pearson , Jeanine Notter, Linda Gould, James Spillane, Kurt Wuelper, Jess Edwards, Bob Giuda

HB1070 text
HBTitle:relative to the default budget in official ballot jurisdictions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ralph Boehm

HB1181 text
HBTitle:allowing the biological father of an unborn child to petition the court for an injunction prohibiting the biological mother from having an abortion.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jeffrey Greeson , Walter Stapleton

HB1634 text
HBTitle:relative to state grants for researching the effects on the human body of COVID-19 vaccines.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jeffrey Greeson

HB1079 text
HBTitle:relative to part-time employment of a retirement system retiree.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Douglas Trottier , Mike Bordes

CACR21 text
CACRTitle:relating to registers of probate. Providing that eliminating the office of register of probate and all references to such office.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Norman Silber , Aidan Ankarberg

HB1645 text
HBTitle:requiring notification to renewable energy customer-generators of issues related to renewable energy credits.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Lee Oxenham , David Watters, Kat McGhee, Troy Merner, Roderick Pimentel, Rebecca McWilliams, Suzanne Prentiss

HB1069 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to the election of village district commissioners.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Norman Silber

HB1136 text
HBTitle:requiring planning boards to list the type of studies required to render a decision.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Josh Yokela

HB1134 text
HBTitle:establishing a commission to study proper labeling and disposal of disposable wipes.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Thomas Buco , Suzanne Smith, Tom Sherman, Dennis Thompson

HB1047 text
HBTitle:relative to the chartered public school joint legislative oversight committee.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Linda Tanner , Mel Myler, Constance Van Houten, Sherry Frost, Anita Burroughs, Sallie Fellows

HB1609 text
HBTitle:(NEW TITLE) relative to certain provisions of the fetal life protection act requiring an ultrasound examination.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dan Wolf , John Graham, Bonnie Ham, James Allard, Brodie Deshaies, Joseph Depalma IV

HB1078 text
HBTitle:relative to budget procedures of the Gunstock Area Commission.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Norman Silber , Raymond Howard, Dawn Johnson, Paul Terry

HB1607 text
HBTitle:prohibiting unlawful discrimination in public and nonpublic schools.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Linda Tanner , Robert Renny Cushing, Sherry Frost, Anita Burroughs, Stephen Woodcock, Joyce Weston, Joshua Query, Matthew Wilhelm, Sue Mullen

HB1051 text
HBTitle:relative to state board of education rules for credit for alternative, extended learning, and work-based programs.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Linda Tanner , Sherry Frost, Stephen Woodcock, Jaci Grote, Sue Mullen

HB1046 text
HBTitle:relative to the election of the Sullivan county commissioners.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Linda Tanner , Suzanne Gottling, Gary Merchant

HB1425 text
HBTitle:relative to the taking of real property by eminent domain.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Melissa Blasek , Andrew Prout, Josh Yokela, Ted Gorski, Tom Lanzara, Erica Layon

HB1179 text
HBTitle:relative to zoning protest petitions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Josh Yokela , Tom Lanzara

HB1206 text
HBTitle:relative to the source of funding for appointment of counsel or other services for indigent persons.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Bob Lynn , Karen Umberger

HB1207 text
HBTitle:requiring an employer to provide paid time off for an employee to vote.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kat McGhee , Marjorie Smith, Dan Wolf, William Marsh, Anita Burroughs, Joyce Weston, Gary Merchant, Brodie Deshaies

HB1526 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to income eligibility for in and out medical assistance and relative to the executive committee for the mental health counseling compact.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kendall Snow , Mary Jane Wallner, Charles McMahon, William Marsh, Tom Sherman, Joe Schapiro, Diane Langley, Cindy Rosenwald

HB1052 text
HBTitle:relative to the number of rounds of ammunition allowed for hunting regardless of firearm capacity.
 Sponsors: (Prime) James Spillane , Raymond Howard, Kevin Verville, David Love, Alan Bershtein, Terry Roy

HB1577 text
HBTitle:relative to exemptions from prosecution for victims of human trafficking.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Daryl Abbas , Steven Smith, John Bordenet, Ruth Ward, Jennifer Rhodes

HB1626 text
HBTitle:relative to the unique pupil identification system.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Glenn Cordelli , Ralph Boehm, Rick Ladd, Oliver Ford

CACR35 text
CACRTitle:relating to cannabis. Providing that all adults have the right to possess, use, and cultivate cannabis, subject to regulation by the legislature.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Andrew Prout , Casey Conley, Tony Lekas, Hershel Nunez, Michael Yakubovich, Lex Berezhny, Leah Cushman, Melissa Blasek, Nick White, Erica Layon

HB1450 text
HBTitle:including agricultural resources under the land and community heritage investment program.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Caplan , Peter Bixby, Laurel Stavis

HB1033 text
HBTitle:prohibiting recipients of state or local grants or appropriations from using such funds for lobbying.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Glenn Cordelli , Kevin Avard, Michael Moffett, Richard Tripp, Bob Giuda, Alicia Lekas, Dawn Johnson, Jim Kofalt, Diane Pauer

HB1045 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to the composition of the ethics oversight advisory committee.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mark Pearson

HB1426 text
HBTitle:eliminating the vehicle inspection mandate for non-commercial vehicles.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Casey Conley , Andrew Prout, Peter Torosian, Rosemarie Rung, Kevin Craig, Matthew Santonastaso

HB1527 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to vote returns.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Yakubovich , Kevin Verville, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1077 text
HBTitle:repealing the prohibition on conversion therapy for minors.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dave Testerman , Kurt Wuelper

HB1073 text
HBTitle:(New Title) modifying attorney exemptions under RSA 91-A.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kurt Wuelper , John Potucek, Walter Stapleton

HB1477 text
HBTitle:prohibiting abortions after detection of fetal heartbeat.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dave Testerman , Al Baldasaro, Walter Stapleton, Terry Roy, Gail Sanborn, Jeffrey Greeson

HB1200 text
HBTitle:relative to notice of rent increases in residential rental property.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Casey Conley , Paul Berch, Efstathia Booras, Ivy Vann, Nicole Klein-Knight, Rebecca McWilliams, Cam Kenney, Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, Maria Perez

HB1068 text
HBTitle:relative to building codes for tiny houses.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dave Testerman , Jim Maggiore

HB1651 text
HBTitle:adding sexual reassignment to the definition of child abuse.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dave Testerman

CACR17 text
CACRTitle:relating to ballot measures. Providing that upon petition by voters, a question may be placed on the ballot of a statewide election.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joshua Adjutant , Ellen Read

CACR34 text
CACRTitle:relating to the use, sale, or cultivation of cannabis. Providing that the state shall make no law prohibiting the use, sale, or cultivation of cannabis for persons over 18 years of age.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joshua Adjutant , Max Abramson, Brian Seaworth, Sherry Frost, Timothy Egan, Casey Conley, Manny Espitia, Cam Kenney, Tony Lekas

HB1616 text
HBTitle:relative to the prohibition against a minor's possession of hypodermic needles without a prescription.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Josh Yokela

HB1451 text
HBTitle:relative to the recovery of submerged logs.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joshua Adjutant

HB1133 text
HBTitle:prohibiting the termination of a lease during the sale of real property.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joshua Adjutant , Latha Mangipudi, Sherry Frost, Chuck Grassie, Kristina Schultz, Matthew Wilhelm, Cam Kenney

HB1021 text
HBTitle:(New Title) prohibiting certain zoning regulation of land or structures used primarily for religious purposes.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kurt Wuelper , Linda Gould, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1617 text
HBTitle:relative to housing projects of the community development finance authority and establishing a committee to prevent state subsidies for housing development that is not income-sensitive.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joshua Adjutant

HB1173 text
HBTitle:proclaiming August 9 as Indigenous People's Day.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Oliver Ford , Jess Edwards

HB1478 text
HBTitle:relative to the business profits tax applicable to certain large, low-wage employers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joshua Adjutant , John Cloutier, Roger Dontonville, Mark King, Sherry Frost, Jennie Gomarlo, Donald Bouchard, Tony Labranche, Stephanie Hyland

HB1022 text
HBTitle:(New Title) permitting pharmacists to dispense the drug Ivermectin by means of a standing order and establishing a commission to study the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid-19.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Leah Cushman , Peter Torosian, Tony Lekas, Michael Yakubovich, Jim Kofalt, Melissa Blasek, Vanessa Sheehan, Tina Harley

HB1053 text
HBTitle:relative to the hourly rate paid to an employee for hours worked but not previously scheduled.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joshua Adjutant , John Cloutier, Tony Labranche

HB1076 text
HBTitle:relative to illegal productivity quotas.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joshua Adjutant , Kristina Schultz, Maria Perez, Tony Caplan, Eric Gallager

HB1427 text
HBTitle:relative to membership on the speech-language pathology and hearing care provider governing board.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Sallie Fellows

HB1260 text
HBTitle:making immunization status a protected class.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Juliet Harvey-Bolia , Norman Silber, Dawn Johnson, Melissa Blasek, Diane Pauer

HB1604 text
HBTitle:(New Title) including state medical facilities in the statute providing medical freedom in immunizations, and relative to licensure of case management service providers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Leah Cushman , Peter Torosian, Terry Roy, Melissa Blasek, Diane Pauer

HB1198 text
HBTitle:relative to rules of the department of education concerning culture and climate in schools.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Gregg Hough , David Binford

HB1135 text
HBTitle:requiring a performance audit of the department of education, education freedom account program.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Sallie Fellows , Richard Ames, Thomas Schamberg, Linda Tanner, Suzanne Vail, Mary Heath, Suzanne Prentiss, Mark Paige

HB1322 text
HBTitle:modifying the governmental records exempted from RSA 91-A.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Gregg Hough , John Potucek

HB1208 text
HBTitle:relative to driver education.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Lang , Jason Osborne, Kevin Avard, Michael Moffett, Howard Pearl, Bob Greene, Michael Yakubovich, Judy Aron, Gregg Hough, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1187 text
HBTitle:relative to milk pasteurization.
 Sponsors: (Prime) James Allard , William Marsh, Stephen Woodcock, Alicia Lekas, Gary Merchant, Judy Aron, Brodie Deshaies

HB1175 text
HBTitle:relative to recording interactions with public officials.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Labranche , Max Abramson, Andrew Prout, Walter Stapleton, Alicia Lekas, Terry Roy, Kevin Craig, Daniel Veilleux, Stacie-Marie Laughton, Eric Gallager

HB1606 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to administration of the state immunization registry.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Lang , Jeanine Notter, Mark McLean, Kimberly Rice, Kevin Avard, David Binford, Bob Giuda, Tony Lekas, Hershel Nunez, Denise Ricciardi, Mike Bordes, Juliet Harvey-Bolia, Diane Pauer

HB1324 text
HBTitle:establishing a formula to allocate presidential electors to presidential nominees.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Max Abramson , Aidan Ankarberg

HB1168 text
HBTitle:(New Title) establishes a committee to study the New Hampshire law relative to soil conditioners and relative to costs eligible for reimbursement from the oil discharge and disposal cleanup fund.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Bixby , Susan Homola

HB1218 text
HBTitle:relative to the merger of Granite State college with the university of New Hampshire.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Rick Ladd , Lou D'Allesandro, John Reagan, Barbara Shaw, Karen Umberger, Glenn Cordelli, Michael Moffett, James Gray, Ruth Ward, Jay Kahn, Sue Mullen, Deborah Hobson

HB1274 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study the solid waste practices of state agencies.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Karen Ebel , David Watters, Dianne Schuett, Linda Massimilla, Mel Myler, Dan Wolf, Ruth Ward, Timothy Egan, Megan Murray, Jaci Grote, Cindy Rosenwald, Erin Hennessey, Brodie Deshaies

HB1251 text
HBTitle:prohibiting payment of subminimum wages.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Debra Altschiller , Donna Soucy, Dianne Schuett, Suzanne Vail, Kristina Schultz, Nicole Klein-Knight, Rebecca McWilliams, Tony Caplan

HB1480 text
HBTitle:relative to eligibility of individuals for developmental disability services.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Richard Abel , Susan Almy, Linda Gould, Laurel Stavis, Suzanne Prentiss

HB1657 text
HBTitle:establishing a New Hampshire farm to school reimbursement program.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Alexis Simpson , Linda Massimilla, Kat McGhee, William Marsh, Megan Murray, Tom Loughman, Gary Merchant, James Allard, Sue Mullen, Brodie Deshaies

HB1013 text
HBTitle:relative to meetings of the New Hampshire rare disease advisory council.
 Sponsors: (Prime) William Marsh , Lucy Weber, Alexis Simpson, Tom Sherman, Gary Woods, Cindy Rosenwald, Brodie Deshaies

HB1321 text
HBTitle:relative to the governor's power to declare a state of emergency.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan

HB1037 text
HBTitle:relative to the governor's duties during a state of emergency.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan

HB1258 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to the implementation of the department of energy and relative to the definition of "municipal host" for purposes of limited electrical energy producers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Harrington , Michael Vose

HB1481 text
HBTitle:repealing the statute relative to medical freedom in immunizations.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan , Marjorie Smith, Judith Spang

HB1034 text
HBTitle:relative to the definition of an employee or official of a governmental unit.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Bill Boyd

HB1513 text
HBTitle:(Third New Title) relative to the definition of a child with a disability under special education laws and providing funding for special education costs for students over age 21 until their 22nd birthday.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Bill Boyd , David Watters, John Reagan, Rick Ladd, Glenn Cordelli, Mark McLean, James Spillane, Michael Moffett, Kevin Verville

HB1272 text
HBTitle:limiting the authority of town health officers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Juliet Harvey-Bolia , Andrew Renzullo, David Binford, Richard Littlefield, Lex Berezhny, Lisa Post, Melissa Blasek, Diane Pauer

HB1174 text
HBTitle:relative to election challengers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Yakubovich , Max Abramson, David Love, Dawn Johnson, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1268 text
HBTitle:limiting the authority for city council bylaws and ordinances.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Juliet Harvey-Bolia , Andrew Renzullo, Max Abramson, John Potucek, Michael Yakubovich

HB1074 text
HBTitle:relative to notice to a chartered public school of a special education services meeting.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Maureen Mooney , Sharon Carson, Kenneth Weyler, Jeanine Notter, Ruth Ward, Robert Healey

HB1452 text
HBTitle:renaming the department of environmental services the department of environmental protection and assigning the department oversight of private drinking water wells.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Bill Boyd , Maureen Mooney

HB1589 text
HBTitle:prohibiting the sale of products containing intentionally-added PFAS.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Bill Boyd

HB1210 text
HBTitle:relative to exemptions from vaccine mandates.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Lang , Jason Osborne, Kevin Avard, Michael Moffett, Howard Pearl, Jess Edwards, Bob Giuda, Judy Aron, Leah Cushman

HB1320 text
HBTitle:relative to public exposure of deceased human bodies.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jerry Knirk , David Watters, Suzanne Smith, Peter Bixby, Suzanne Vail, William Marsh, Kristina Schultz, Gary Woods

HB1211 text
HBTitle:requiring the installation of electronic tolling.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan , Chuck Grassie, Josh Yokela

HB1428 text
HBTitle:relative to the provision of special education services by chartered public schools.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Maureen Mooney , Sharon Carson, Kenneth Weyler, Jeanine Notter, Ruth Ward, Robert Healey

HB1546 text
HBTitle:(Second New Title) enabling the commissioner of the department of environmental services to adopt rules relative to airborne PFAS in certain circumstances.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Bill Boyd

HB1453 text
HBTitle:relative to transportation to a chartered public school.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Maureen Mooney , Kenneth Weyler, Jeanine Notter, Glenn Cordelli, Robert Healey, Bob Lynn

HB1035 text
HBTitle:relative to exemptions from school vaccine mandates.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Lang , Kevin Avard, Howard Pearl, Bob Giuda, Denise Ricciardi

HB1548 text
HBTitle:relating to the sale of the Lakes Region Facility.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Sallie Fellows , Suzanne Smith, Karel Crawford, Bonnie Ham, William Marsh, Joshua Adjutant, Bob Giuda, Joyce Weston

HB1040 text
HBTitle:(New Title) establishing a commission to study revenue alternatives to the road toll for the funding of improvements to the state's highways and bridges and their resulting improvements to the environment.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Norman Major , David Watters, John Reagan, John Cloutier, Susan Almy, John Graham, Patrick Abrami, Kat McGhee, Bob Giuda, Bill Gannon

HB1212 text
HBTitle:relative to charges for chartered public school transportation.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Maureen Mooney , Chuck Morse, Sharon Carson, Jeanine Notter, Ruth Ward, Robert Healey

CACR31 text
CACRTitle:relating to changing the minimum age requirement for state senator from 30 to 25. Providing that persons at least 25 years of age shall be eligible to be elected to the state senate.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Labranche , Chuck Grassie, Nicole Klein-Knight, Rebecca Whitley, Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, Amanda Elizabeth Toll, Stacie-Marie Laughton, Stephanie Hyland

HB1131 text
HBTitle:relative to facial covering policies for schools.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kenneth Weyler , Melissa Blasek

CACR14 text
CACRTitle:relating to unions. Providing that all workers have the right to join a union.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Labranche , Sherry Frost, Chuck Grassie, Donald Bouchard, Peter Petrigno, Stacie-Marie Laughton, Eric Gallager

HB1036 text
HBTitle:relative to nonpublic meetings concerning public employees.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kurt Wuelper , Marjorie Smith, Peter Schmidt, John Potucek, James Spillane, Dave Testerman, Oliver Ford

HB1509 text
HBTitle:relative to termination of the FRM victims' contribution recovery fund.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan , Marjorie Smith

HB1267 text
HBTitle:relative to municipal authority for road and sidewalk closure.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Josh Yokela

HB1213 text
HBTitle:relative to legal holidays.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , David Watters, Timothy Horrigan, Lee Oxenham, Ivy Vann, Mark King

HB1482 text
HBTitle:relative to ranked-choice voting.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , Ivy Vann, Jerry Knirk, Peter Somssich, Sherry Frost, Laura Telerski, Matthew Wilhelm, David Meuse, Tony Labranche, Joan Hamblet

HB1264 text
HBTitle:establishing ranked-choice voting for state party primary elections and municipal elections.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , Kurt Wuelper, Dan Wolf, Peter Somssich, Matthew Wilhelm, Tony Lekas, Kevin Craig, Tony Labranche, Daniel Veilleux, Joan Hamblet

HB1618 text
HBTitle:adding several perfluorinated chemicals to the list of per and polyfluoroalkyl substances with maximum contaminant levels and establishes a cumulative total for the maximum contaminant level of per and polyfluoroalkyl substances.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Bill Boyd

HB1326 text
HBTitle:relative to permissible campaign contributions by business organizations and labor unions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , David Watters, Jerry Knirk, Charlotte DiLorenzo, Sherry Frost

HB1167 text
HBTitle:establishing a maximum contaminant level for perfluorinated chemicals in surface water.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Bill Boyd , Mel Myler, Stephen Woodcock

HB1216 text
HBTitle:repealing the housing appeals board.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Bill Boyd , Jim Maggiore

HB1514 text
HBTitle:relative to an employee's unused earned time.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Cahill , Judith Spang, Andrew Renzullo, Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

HB1299 text
HBTitle:relative to the process for the importation of wildlife and creating an appeal process for denials of permits.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Lang , Mike Bordes

HB1528 text
HBTitle:(New Title) establishing a public boat access donation program for operators of non-motorized boats.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jeffrey Goley , Cathryn Harvey, Roger Dontonville, Kevin Cavanaugh

HB1547 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to per fluorinated chemical remediation in soil and procedures for certain hazardous waste generators.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Maureen Mooney , Jeanine Notter, Rosemarie Rung, Robert Healey

HB1003 text
HBTitle:prohibiting health care providers from refusing to provide care or services based on patient vaccination status.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Leah Cushman , Alicia Lekas, Terry Roy, Denise Ricciardi, Niki Kelsey, Melissa Blasek, Diane Pauer

CACR25 text
CACRTitle:legislative term limits. Providing that no person shall serve more than 15 terms in either the house of representatives or the senate.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Labranche , Stacie-Marie Laughton

HB1010 text
HBTitle:requiring municipal voter history to be made accessible in the statewide centralized voter registration database.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joe Sweeney

HB1215 text
HBTitle:relative to the definition of "residual amount" in the controlled drug act.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Al Baldasaro , Harold French

HB1041 text
HBTitle:extending the public employees labor relations act to employees of the general court and relative to the duties of the joint committee on legislative facilities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Robert Renny Cushing , Michael Edgar, Kristina Schultz

HB1009 text
HBTitle:requiring the date a person registers to vote to be included with other voter information.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joe Sweeney

HB1002 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study the feasibility of personal use of state-owned vehicles.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Douglas Trottier , Richard Littlefield

HB1008 text
HBTitle:establishing a commission to study the structure and election calendar of New Hampshire municipal government.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joe Sweeney

HB1086 text
HBTitle:relative to concealment of a cause of action.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Patrick Abrami

HB1007 text
HBTitle:relative to qualifications for office.
 Sponsors: (Prime) William Marsh , Steve Shurtleff, Paul Berch, Timothy Smith, Kat McGhee, Debra Altschiller, Chuck Grassie, Tom Sherman, Gary Woods, James Allard

HB1140 text
HBTitle:relative to probate procedures for small estates.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Paul Terry , John Hunt, Michael Sylvia, John Potucek, Norman Silber, Bob Giuda, Harold French, Mark Alliegro

HB1647 text
HBTitle:relative to the calculation of child support.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Patrick Abrami , Josh Yokela, Jim Kofalt

HB1044 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to direct payment and membership-based health care facilities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mark McLean , Mark Warden, Glenn Cordelli, Keith Ammon, Joe Alexander, Melissa Blasek, Ross Berry

HB1065 text
HBTitle:relative to the regulation of art therapists.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Frances Nutter-Upham , Mark Pearson, Megan Murray, Sue Mullen

HB1018 text
HBTitle:relative to the board of medical imaging and radiation therapy.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jeffrey Goley , Peter Schmidt, Carol McGuire

HB1139 text
HBTitle:relative to ophthalmic prescription requirements.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Daniel Veilleux , Peter Petrigno, Tony Labranche

HCR6 text
HCRTitle:urging that the United Kingdom return the Parthenon (Elgin) marbles to Greece.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Benjamin Baroody , Phyllis Katsakiores

HB1166 text
HBTitle:requiring certain voters to declare a party affiliation prior to a state primary election and requiring candidates to be members of political parties for a certain amount of time prior to an election in which such candidates seek office.
 Sponsors: (Prime) David Love , John Potucek, Douglas Thomas, Michael Yakubovich

HB1529 text
HBTitle:requiring prospective employees and volunteers of public libraries to obtain a background check prior to commencing employment or volunteer service.
 Sponsors: (Prime) David Love , John Potucek, Terry Roy

HB1252 text
HBTitle:relative to political contributions made by certain business entities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) David Love , John Potucek

HB1588 text
HBTitle:relative to students attending public schools that mandate the wearing of face masks without an emergency order in place.
 Sponsors: (Prime) David Love

HB1165 text
HBTitle:repealing the Granite State paid family leave plan.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Andrew Prout , Mark Warden, Leonard Turcotte, Norman Silber, Kevin Verville, Dawn Johnson, Lex Berezhny, Erica Layon

HB1138 text
HBTitle:exempting the display of a front license plate on certain vehicles.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Andrew Prout , Mark Warden, Jason Osborne, David Binford, Peter Torosian, Casey Conley, Alicia Lekas, Tony Lekas, Michael Yakubovich

HB1429 text
HBTitle:establishing licensure for massage establishments.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jaci Grote , Christy Bartlett, Alexis Simpson, Dan Wolf, William Marsh, Kate Murray

HB1454 text
HBTitle:relative to permits for the siting of new landfills.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Edith Tucker , William Hatch, Linda Massimilla, Mel Myler, Troy Merner, Larry Laflamme, Timothy Egan, Tom Sherman, Erin Hennessey, Brodie Deshaies, Dennis Thompson

HB1130 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to restroom access for persons with certain medical conditions and relative to the procedure for obtaining a marriage license.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Janice Schmidt , Bruce Cohen, Cassandra Levesque

HB1319 text
HBTitle:relative to granting certain corrections personnel death benefits if killed in the line of duty.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tracy Emerick , Robert Renny Cushing, Peter Leishman, Robert Theberge, Maureen Mooney, Gerald Griffin

HB1271 text
HBTitle:limiting the authority of the department of health and human services to mandate vaccinations; and relative to quarantine costs.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Barbara Comtois , Norman Silber, Dawn Johnson, Jim Kofalt

CACR32 text
CACRTitle:relating to independence. Providing that the state peaceably declares independence from the United States and proceeds as a sovereign nation.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Sylvia , Raymond Howard, Dennis Green, Peter Torosian, Matthew Santonastaso, Dustin Dodge, Glenn Bailey

CACR20 text
CACRTitle:relating to personal liberty. Providing that adults shall have the right to possess cannabis for personal consumption.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Robert Renny Cushing , John Reagan, Jerry Knirk, Chuck Grassie, Casey Conley, Megan Murray, Manny Espitia, Rebecca McWilliams, Rebecca Whitley, Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

CACR15 text
CACRTitle:relating to elections. Providing that the age to vote in the primary election be reduced to 17 for those who will be 18 by the general election.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Labranche , Sherry Frost, Daniel Veilleux, Stacie-Marie Laughton, Eric Gallager

HB1579 text
HBTitle:relative to landowner liability on land authorized for outdoor recreational activities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Linda Gould , Larry Gagne, Jeanine Notter, Glenn Cordelli, Richard Abel, Jay Kahn, Laurel Stavis, Stephen Pearson, Suzanne Prentiss, Jim Creighton

HB1549 text
HBTitle:relative to special duty hours worked by retired police members in the retirement system.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tracy Emerick , Peter Leishman, Gerald Griffin

HB1214 text
HBTitle:eliminating fees for walking disability placards.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Laura Telerski

CACR23 text
CACRTitle:the New Hampshire constitution. Providing that all references to persons in the New Hampshire constitution be gender-neutral.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Labranche , Marjorie Smith, Joshua Query, Megan Murray, Lisa Bunker, Gerri Cannon, Cindy Rosenwald, Sue Mullen, Amanda Elizabeth Toll, Stacie-Marie Laughton, Stephanie Hyland

HB1217 text
HBTitle:relative to agency reporting of state-owned property.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Douglas Trottier

HB1085 text
HBTitle:relative to ignition lock requirements.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Laura Telerski

HB1145 text
HBTitle:relative to a motor vehicle exception to criminal restraint or false imprisonment and relative to civil immunity and physical force in defense of a person.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Eric Gallager

HB1591 text
HBTitle:eliminating the enforcement division of the liquor commission.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Leishman , Marjorie Smith, Mary Beth Walz, William Hatch, Tracy Emerick, Gerald Griffin

HB1006 text
HBTitle:relative to disclosures required prior to solicitations made on behalf of law enforcement agencies.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Eric Gallager

HB1023 text
HBTitle:relative to regulation of athlete agents.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Josh Yokela , Tim Baxter

HB1144 text
HBTitle:requiring public schools to teach labor history.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Eric Gallager , Tony Labranche

HB1269 text
HBTitle:relative to certain legislative study committees.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Karen Ebel , John Reagan, John Graham, Karen Umberger, Mary Heath, Claire Rouillard, Gregory Hill, Manny Espitia, Cindy Rosenwald, Erin Hennessey, Suzanne Prentiss

HB1455 text
HBTitle:relative to state enforcement of federal vaccination mandates.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Sherman Packard , Kimberly Rice, Andrew Prout, Tony Lekas, Melissa Blasek, Erica Layon

HB1318 text
HBTitle:relative to penalties for employer noncompliance with retirement system requirements.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dianne Schuett

HB1250 text
HBTitle:requiring the public utilities commission to consider climate change in making rate-setting decisions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Eric Gallager , Lee Oxenham

HB1172 text
HBTitle:requiring composting and waste recycling to be made available to residents of public housing.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Eric Gallager

HB1219 text
HBTitle:relative to parking requirements for religious institution-affiliated housing development projects.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Eric Gallager

HB1024 text
HBTitle:relative to local speed limits in business or urban residence districts.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Lang , William Marsh, Howard Pearl, Douglas Trottier, Brodie Deshaies

HB1063 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to the technical changes to the administration of certain taxes by the department of revenue administration and relative to county redevelopment district bonds for an unincorporated place.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Norman Major , Susan Almy

HB1186 text
HBTitle:relative to companion animals during a declared state of emergency.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Eric Gallager , Amanda Bouldin, Ellen Read

HB1273 text
HBTitle:relative to the use of free and open source software.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Eric Gallager , William Marsh

HB1578 text
HBTitle:relative to including certain children and pregnant people in Medicaid and the children's health insurance program.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joe Schapiro , Paul Berch, George Sykes, Latha Mangipudi, William Marsh, Jerry Knirk, Manny Espitia, Safiya Wazir, Cindy Rosenwald, Amanda Elizabeth Toll, Maria Perez

HB1430 text
HBTitle:repealing the tax on rentals of motor vehicles under the meals and rooms tax.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Hunt

HB1249 text
HBTitle:relative to weights and measures.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Hunt

HB1038 text
HBTitle:(New Title) naming a bridge in Londonderry in honor of Robert J. Prowse and a bridge in Portsmouth in honor of Staff Sergeant Jesse E. Sherrill.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Gary Woods , Sharon Carson

HB1039 text
HBTitle:(Third New Title) relative to the definition of "beverage manufacturer retail outlet," certain liquor licenses and fees, including beer and specialty beverage festival licenses, relative to direct to consumer shipments of alcohol.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Hunt

HB1071 text
HBTitle:relative to wake surfing.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Suzanne Gottling , Karen Ebel, Linda Tanner, Joyce Weston, John MacDonald, Brodie Deshaies

HB1220 text
HBTitle:prohibiting the docking of houseboats on Perkins Pond in Sunapee.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Suzanne Gottling , Linda Tanner

HB1143 text
HBTitle:relative to medical mandates adopted by employers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mark Alliegro

HB1640 text
HBTitle:relative to the payment of motor vehicle fines.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Cody Belanger

HB1005 text
HBTitle:relative to the creation of a New Hampshire low-grade timber and wood emerging market commission.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Douglas Thomas , Sharon Carson, Jeb Bradley, Patrick Abrami, Michael Vose, Troy Merner, Tina Harley

HB1004 text
HBTitle:relative to penalties for failure to provide information after an animal injury.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Gary Hopper , Keith Erf

HB1270 text
HBTitle:(New Title) repealing the legislative oversight committee to monitor the transformation of delivery of electric services.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Douglas Thomas , Sharon Carson, Jeanine Notter, Timothy Lang, Troy Merner, Tina Harley

HB1431 text
HBTitle:establishing the parental bill of rights.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Paul Terry , John Potucek, Norman Silber, Bob Giuda, Gregg Hough, Dawn Johnson, Richard Littlefield, Mark Alliegro, Jeffrey Greeson, Melissa Blasek, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1201 text
HBTitle:relative to damage by bears.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Leonard Turcotte , Thomas Kaczynski, Gregg Hough, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1483 text
HBTitle:relative to the use of physical force by a law enforcement officer.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Chris True

HB1484 text
HBTitle:requiring a forensic audit of the 2020 election results.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tim Baxter , Patrick Abrami, Max Abramson, John Callum, Dawn Johnson, Richard Littlefield, Vanessa Sheehan, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1530 text
HBTitle:(New Title) establishing curricular transfer pathways between the community college system of New Hampshire and the university system of New Hampshire.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Oliver Ford

HB1221 text
HBTitle:(Third New Title) relative to the rate of the business profits tax, and relative to payment by the state to political subdivisions of an amount equal to a portion of retirement system contributions of political subdivision employers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jeanine Notter , Max Abramson, Jason Osborne, John Potucek, Leonard Turcotte, Maureen Mooney, Deborah Hobson, Robert Healey

HB1222 text
HBTitle:prohibiting coercion or interference in grading and assessment procedures in public schools, colleges, and universities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Oliver Ford

HB1223 text
HBTitle:relative to meeting attendance requirements for elected members of budget committee and school board.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jeanine Notter , Jordan Ulery, Terry Roy

HB1337 text
HBTitle:relative to the duration of unemployment benefits.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Leonard Turcotte , Andrew Renzullo, Jeanine Notter, Fred Doucette

HB1259 text
HBTitle:relative to the election and resignation of members of school boards and elected budget committees.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jeanine Notter , John Potucek, Lisa Post, Tina Harley

HB1011 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to criminal mischief.
 Sponsors: (Prime) David Welch , David Meuse

HB1432 text
HBTitle:(New Title) prohibiting the use of state funds for a certain passenger rail project.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Aidan Ankarberg , Mark Warden, Leonard Turcotte, Gary Daniels, David Binford, Jess Edwards, Alicia Lekas, Hershel Nunez, Michael Yakubovich, Erica Layon

HB1262 text
HBTitle:commemorating the 250th anniversary of the Pine Tree Riot.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Gary Hopper , John Burt, Kevin Avard, Ruth Ward, Leah Cushman

HB1257 text
HBTitle:requiring the retirement system to divest from investment in companies located in China.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Gary Hopper , Aboul Khan, Dave Testerman, David Love, Judy Aron, Brodie Deshaies, Louise Andrus

HB1433 text
HBTitle:relative to penalties for poisoning dogs.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Brian Sullivan

HB1256 text
HBTitle:(Second New Title) relative to positions within the department of military affairs and veterans services, making an appropriation to the state regenerative manufacturing workforce development fund, and adjusting and making an appropriation relative to the medicaid reimbursement rates for ambulance services.
 Sponsors: (Prime) James Allard , Terry Roy, Brodie Deshaies

HB1485 text
HBTitle:relative to direct recall elections.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joe Sweeney , Joe Alexander, Ross Berry

HB1025 text
HBTitle:relative to impeding, provoking, or harassing law enforcement officers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Al Baldasaro , Sharon Carson, Jordan Ulery, David Love, Bob Giuda, Stephen Pearson, Lisa Post, Vanessa Sheehan

HB1026 text
HBTitle:relative to budget information provided to a budget committee.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Piemonte

HB1083 text
HBTitle:relative to calendars and journals of the house and senate.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , Ivy Vann, Charlotte DiLorenzo

HB1084 text
HBTitle:relative to disclosure of the sources of legislative bill proposals.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , Janice Schmidt, Ivy Vann

HB1266 text
HBTitle:relative to restrictions on enforcement of federal immigration laws.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Piemonte , John Potucek, Peter Torosian

HB1486 text
HBTitle:relative to an income-based public assistance stipend for legislators.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , Sherry Frost, Cassandra Levesque

HB1594 text
HBTitle:relative to assistance to certain students with disabilities in registering to vote.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mark Paige , Marjorie Porter, Mel Myler, Dan Wolf, Mark Pearson, Jim Maggiore, Sue Mullen, Brodie Deshaies

HB1552 text
HBTitle:(New Title) establishing a board for the certification of assessing persons.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Piemonte , Peter Schmidt, Jonathan Smith, Diane Pauer

HB1027 text
HBTitle:establishing the crime of undermining legislative process by false claim of emergency.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tim Baxter , Josh Yokela

HB1434 text
HBTitle:relative to the availability of school curriculum materials.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien , Glenn Cordelli, Michael Moffett, David Love, Bob Giuda, Ruth Ward, Denise Ricciardi

HB1510 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study the hiring processes used by state agencies.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joshua Adjutant , William Infantine, Janice Schmidt, Suzanne Vail, Sherry Frost, Dennis Acton

HB1082 text
HBTitle: prohibiting certain state officers from forming political action committees.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien

HB1456 text
HBTitle:relative to the Hampton marine memorial.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Edgar , David Watters, Laura Pantelakos, Robert Renny Cushing, John Graham, Steve Shurtleff, Skip Cleaver, Tom Sherman, Jim Maggiore, Jaci Grote

HR16 text
HRTitle:calling for the federal government to construct a nuclear waste repository to permanently store our nation's nuclear waste.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Labranche , Linda Massimilla, Kat McGhee, Stacie-Marie Laughton

HB1261 text
HBTitle:prohibiting the use of Native American mascots in public schools, colleges, and universities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Gerri Cannon , David Watters, Robert Renny Cushing, Christy Bartlett, Suzanne Vail, Edith Tucker, Donna Ellis, Jay Kahn

HB1457 text
HBTitle:relative to chain of custody of ballot boxes after an election.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Yakubovich , Ted Gorski, Erica Layon

HB1592 text
HBTitle:allowing parties in family court cases to create their own recordings of the proceedings.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , Kenneth Weyler, Walter Stapleton, Diane Langley, Rosemarie Rung, Gregg Hough, Jeffrey Greeson, Jim Kofalt, Lisa Post, JD Bernardy

HB1028 text
HBTitle:relative to the form of individual health insurance policies.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Yakubovich , Mark Warden, Max Abramson, David Binford, Leah Cushman, Melissa Blasek, Erica Layon, Aidan Ankarberg

CACR27 text
CACRTitle:elected and appointed officials. Providing that all state court judges shall be subject to recall and removal by petition and vote of registered voters pursuant to provisions established by the legislature.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Norman Silber , Michael Sylvia, Betty Gay, William Foster, JD Bernardy

HB1559 text
HBTitle:relative to laws administered by the insurance department.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Christy Bartlett , John Hunt, John Potucek

HB1550 text
HBTitle:relative to the right of children and teenagers to testify in family court proceedings.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , Kurt Wuelper, Walter Stapleton, Mark Pearson, Diane Langley, Rosemarie Rung, Frances Nutter-Upham, Gary Woods, Jeffrey Greeson, JD Bernardy

HB1048 text
HBTitle:relative to minimum nonforfeiture amounts under the standard nonforfeiture law for individual deferred annuities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Potucek

HB1458 text
HBTitle:limiting harassing or intimidating court filings in family court proceedings.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , Walter Stapleton, Diane Langley, Rosemarie Rung, Jeffrey Greeson, JD Bernardy

HB1001 text
HBTitle:authorizing the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains to issue decals for multi-use decal plates.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Cassandra Levesque , Sharon Carson, Jeb Bradley, David Watters, Mary Beth Walz, Allison Nutting-Wong, Debra Altschiller, Bill Gannon, Kristina Schultz, Heidi Hamer, Rosemarie Rung, Peter Petrigno, Laura Telerski, Jaci Grote

HB1435 text
HBTitle:relative to the right of a victim of domestic violence to have a support person present when testifying or being deposed.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , Walter Stapleton, Bill Gannon, Mark Pearson, Diane Langley, Rosemarie Rung, Gary Woods, Jeffrey Greeson, Jim Kofalt, Susan Homola, JD Bernardy

HB1436 text
HBTitle:relative to appeals of family court decisions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , Kenneth Weyler, Kurt Wuelper, Walter Stapleton, Diane Langley, Rosemarie Rung, Jeffrey Greeson, Jim Kofalt, Lisa Post, JD Bernardy

HB1253 text
HBTitle:relative to the choice of counselor to evaluate a child in family court proceedings.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , Kenneth Weyler, Walter Stapleton, Diane Langley, Rosemarie Rung, Frances Nutter-Upham, Jeffrey Greeson, Leah Cushman, Jim Kofalt, JD Bernardy

HB1029 text
HBTitle:relative to the Claremont police commission.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Andrew O'Hearne , John Cloutier, Walter Stapleton, Gary Merchant, Suzanne Prentiss

HB1551 text
HBTitle:relative to the right of a party in a family court case to create their own written transcripts of court proceedings.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , Walter Stapleton, Rosemarie Rung, Jeffrey Greeson, Leah Cushman, Jim Kofalt, Lisa Post, JD Bernardy

HB1511 text
HBTitle:relative to submitting officially authorized recordings of hearings for appeal of family court decisions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , Kenneth Weyler, Walter Stapleton, Diane Langley, Rosemarie Rung, Jeffrey Greeson, Jim Kofalt, Lisa Post, JD Bernardy

HB1265 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to the waiver of rules in family court proceedings and requiring the establishment of a family division rule waiver database.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , John Reagan, Walter Stapleton, Charlotte DiLorenzo, Diane Langley, Rosemarie Rung, Jeffrey Greeson, Jim Kofalt, Lisa Post, JD Bernardy, Tina Harley

HB1142 text
HBTitle:relative to the right to submit evidence and testimony in family court proceedings.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , John Reagan, Linda Gould, Walter Stapleton, Diane Langley, Rosemarie Rung, Rebecca McWilliams, Jeffrey Greeson, Susan Homola, JD Bernardy, Tina Harley

HB1515 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to the guardian ad litem report requirements.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , Jacqueline Cali-Pitts, Efstathia Booras, Walter Stapleton, Diane Langley, Rebecca McWilliams, Jim Kofalt, Lisa Post, JD Bernardy

HB1088 text
HBTitle:relative to employee protections from COVID-19 in the workplace.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan

HB1199 text
HBTitle:prohibiting reunification therapy.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , Kurt Wuelper, Walter Stapleton, Mark Pearson, Rosemarie Rung, Frances Nutter-Upham, Gary Woods, Jeffrey Greeson, Melbourne Moran, JD Bernardy

HB1015 text
HBTitle:relative to school district policies regarding objectionable material.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Glenn Cordelli , John Reagan, Jeanine Notter, Keith Ammon, Linda Gould, Kimberly Rice, Jason Osborne, Kevin Avard, Michael Moffett, Deborah Hobson

HB1298 text
HBTitle:relative to eligibility for the education tax credit.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Glenn Cordelli , Carol McGuire, Jason Osborne, Gregory Hill, Michael Moffett, Alicia Lekas, Tony Piemonte, Deborah Hobson

HB1193 text
HBTitle:relative to chartered public school fees and enrollment policies.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Glenn Cordelli , Rick Ladd, Joseph Pitre, Bill Nelson, Maureen Mooney

HB1632 text
HBTitle:relative to civil rights education in public elementary and secondary schools.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jordan Ulery , Kurt Wuelper, Walter Stapleton, Alicia Lekas, Tony Lekas, JD Bernardy

HB1641 text
HBTitle:relative to vessel registration fees.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Douglas Trottier

HB1194 text
HBTitle:relative to the procedure for overriding a local tax cap.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Diane Pauer , Kevin Avard, Norman Silber, Michael Yakubovich, Lex Berezhny, Tim Baxter

HB1611 text
HBTitle:relative to rules of the site evaluation committee.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Harrington

HB1636 text
HBTitle:relative to prohibitions on carrying a loaded firearm on an OHRV or snowmobile.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Burt , Gary Hopper, Chris True, Kevin Avard, Gregory Hill, Norman Silber, Walter Stapleton, Bob Giuda, Harold French, Hershel Nunez, Beth Folsom, Jim Kofalt, Niki Kelsey

HB1087 text
HBTitle:relative to zoning for single family housing lots.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Josh Yokela , Lee Oxenham, Laurel Stavis, Rebecca McWilliams

HB1178 text
HBTitle:prohibiting the state from enforcing any federal statute, regulation, or Presidential Executive Order that restricts or regulates the right of the people to keep and bear arms. 
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Burt , Gary Hopper, Chris True, Kevin Avard, Gregory Hill, Norman Silber, Walter Stapleton, Hershel Nunez, Denise Ricciardi, Beth Folsom, Jim Kofalt, Niki Kelsey

HB1459 text
HBTitle:relative to recycling solar panels.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Fred Plett

HB1555 text
HBTitle:repealing the permit required for fires at campgrounds.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Burt , John Reagan, Peter Leishman, Jeanine Notter, Steven Smith, Lino Avellani, Kevin Avard, Gregory Hill, Howard Pearl, Bill Gannon, Hershel Nunez, Tony Piemonte, Fenton Groen

HB1183 text
HBTitle:relative to the calculation of property taxes for residents 75 years of age and older.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dennis Thompson

HB1072 text
HBTitle:establishing a criminal penalty for denying an elected school district official access to any school district facilities, documents, or events.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Stephen Pearson , Kenneth Weyler, Dennis Green, Mark Pearson

CACR19 text
CACRTitle:relating to paper ballots. Providing that all elections shall be conducted through paper ballots.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Stephen Pearson , Jeanine Notter, Steven Smith, David Milz, Kimberly Rice, Regina Birdsell

HB1171 text
HBTitle:exempting certain niche beauty services from licensure requirements.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Diane Pauer , John Reagan, Jean Jeudy, Joseph Pitre, Michael Sylvia, Rosemarie Rung, Gregg Hough, Jennifer Rhodes, Tim Baxter

HB1148 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to a report on the authority of government entities subordinate to the state to restrict the types of fuel sources that may be used for energy.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Fred Plett

HB1224 text
HBTitle:prohibiting state and local governments from adopting certain mandates in response to COVID-19; and prohibiting employers and places of public accommodation from discriminating on the basis of vaccination status.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Al Baldasaro , Jeanine Notter, David Binford, Scott Wallace, Bob Giuda, Dawn Johnson, Leah Cushman

HB1608 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to withdrawal from the state immunization registry.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Andrew Prout , Tony Lekas, Melissa Blasek, Tom Lanzara

HB1162 text
HBTitle:relative to requiring insurance coverage for vaccinations, devices, and medications authorized for emergency use by the United States Food and Drug Administration.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , Walter Stapleton, Rosemarie Rung, Gary Woods, Jeffrey Greeson, JD Bernardy

HB1487 text
HBTitle:relative to the procedure for withdrawal from the vaccine registry.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Andrew Prout , David Binford, Tony Lekas, Dawn Johnson, Melissa Blasek

HB1560 text
HBTitle:relative to nonresident licensure by the board of barbering, cosmetology, and esthetics.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Diane Pauer , John Reagan, Jean Jeudy, Joseph Pitre, Michael Sylvia, Rosemarie Rung, Denise Ricciardi, Gregg Hough, Jennifer Rhodes, Tim Baxter

HB1163 text
HBTitle:relative to over voted ballots.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Marjorie Porter , Donna Soucy, Paul Berch, Gerald Ward, Matthew Santonastaso, Julius Soti

HB1423 text
HBTitle:relative to campaign contributions and expenditures, and making an appropriation therefor.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Marjorie Porter , Marjorie Smith, Ivy Vann, Joseph Guthrie, Brian Sullivan, Russell Muirhead

HB1488 text
HBTitle:expanding the prohibition against discrimination based on an individual's election not to participate in the state vaccine registry.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Andrew Prout , David Binford, Tony Lekas, Dawn Johnson, Melissa Blasek

HB1516 text
HBTitle:relative to the source of funds for education freedom accounts.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Marjorie Porter , Marjorie Smith, Paul Berch, Mel Myler, Linda Tanner, Mary Heath, Patricia Cornell, Jay Kahn, Stephen Woodcock, Arthur Ellison, Sue Mullen, Suzanne Prentiss

HB1030 text
HBTitle:relative to licensure by alternate experience for licensed nursing assistant.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Stephen Pearson , Sharon Carson, Regina Birdsell, Jess Edwards

HB1517 text
HBTitle:creating a pollinator solar scorecard.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mary Hakken-Phillips , Rebecca McWilliams

HB1031 text
HBTitle:prohibiting law enforcement from encrypting public frequencies.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Stacie-Marie Laughton , Max Abramson, Timothy Egan, Tony Labranche, Daniel Veilleux

HB1141 text
HBTitle:relative to special education services for children in chartered public schools.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Glenn Cordelli , Andrew Renzullo, Kevin Avard, Ruth Ward, Denise Ricciardi

HB1161 text
HBTitle:relative to ethics obligations of elected local and county officials.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Callum , Steven Smith, Walter Stapleton, Tim Baxter

HB1081 text
HBTitle:relative to the dissolution of a village district.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jonathan Smith , Mark McConkey, Glenn Cordelli, Bill Nelson, Lino Avellani, James Spillane, Timothy Lang

HB2022 text
HBTitle:relative to the 10-year transportation plan.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Graham

HB1631 text
HBTitle:relative to hunting and fishing licenses for disabled persons.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jonathan Smith , Mark McConkey, Glenn Cordelli, Bill Nelson, Lino Avellani, James Spillane, Timothy Lang

HB1226 text
HBTitle:prohibiting the declawing of cats.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Cam Kenney , Katherine Rogers, Timothy Horrigan, Suzanne Vail, Kristina Schultz

HB1227 text
HBTitle:relative to the definition of prime wetland.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Chuck Grassie , David Watters, Judith Spang, Suzanne Vail, David Meuse

HB1437 text
HBTitle:relative to registration plates for antique farm tractors.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Stephen Pearson , Howard Pearl, Kevin Pratt

HB1147 text
HBTitle:relative to governmental records available upon request.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tom Dolan

HB1489 text
HBTitle:relative to motor vehicle title exemptions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Matthew Santonastaso

HB1613 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to certain liquor manufacturers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Lisa Post , Juliet Harvey-Bolia, Brodie Deshaies

HB1195 text
HBTitle:(Second New Title) relative to public comment periods at school district meetings and meetings of the state board of education.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tom Dolan , Al Baldasaro, Glenn Cordelli, John Potucek, Douglas Thomas, Jim Maggiore, Brodie Deshaies, Diane Pauer, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1317 text
HBTitle:requiring the director of the state police in consultation with the bureau of marine patrol to report annually to the legislature regarding new developments in electric and gasoline powered recreational watercraft.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Suzanne Gottling

HB1316 text
HBTitle:directing the director of the state police to develop requirements for eFoil and electric hydrofoil surfboard watercraft.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Suzanne Gottling , Brodie Deshaies

HB1228 text
HBTitle:relative to recommendations of the joint committee on dedicated funds.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Norman Major , Lou D'Allesandro, Susan Almy, Karen Umberger, Jess Edwards, Bob Giuda

HB1460 text
HBTitle:relative to minimum age requirements for certain occupational licenses.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Josh Yokela

HB1630 text
HBTitle:requiring high school students to complete a half year required course in the introduction to philosophy.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Julius Soti

HB1531 text
HBTitle:(New Title) repealing certain statutory commissions relating to children.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Patricia Cornell , Kimberly Rice, Rebecca Whitley

HB1189 text
HBTitle:permitting voluntary donations to municipalities or the state to fund certain projects or to reduce taxation.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Julius Soti , Mark Warden, Michael Yakubovich

CACR33 text
CACRTitle:relating to recall elections. Providing that the general court may authorize recall elections.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Moffett

HB1095 text
HBTitle:relative to the sale of fresh condiments on pushcarts selling frankfurters and pre-cooked sausages.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dan Wolf , Karen Ebel, Linda Tanner, James Allard, Brodie Deshaies

HB1315 text
HBTitle:relative to immunity from civil liability for sports officials.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Maureen Mooney , Robert Healey

HB1295 text
HBTitle:requiring reports concerning school policies on classroom recordings and in-classroom observers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Moffett

HB1676 text
HBTitle:relative to making incentive grants for school districts that improve in certain assessment scores.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Moffett , Timothy Lang, Howard Pearl, Deborah Hobson, Erica Layon

HB1154 text
HBTitle:relative to legislative commission inactivity.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ross Berry , Michael Yakubovich

HB1229 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study school meal programs in New Hampshire's public schools and non-sectarian schools that accept public funds.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan , Sue Mullen

HB1669 text
HBTitle:requiring the department of education to administer the education freedom account program.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Bonnie Ham , Mel Myler, Dan Wolf, Brodie Deshaies

HB1297 text
HBTitle:relative to taking lobster while engaged in recreational scuba diving.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Gregory Hill , Kenneth Weyler, Andrew Renzullo, Kimberly Rice, Leonard Turcotte, Kevin Avard, Harold French

HB1153 text
HBTitle:relative to absentee ballot requests.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Torosian , Linda Gould, Kurt Wuelper, John Janigian, Jonathan Smith, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1230 text
HBTitle:permitting online presentation of deer for registration.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Howard Pearl , Jose Cambrils

HB1152 text
HBTitle:relative to verification of eligible students under the education freedom account program.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Bonnie Ham , Dan Wolf, Brodie Deshaies

HB1330 text
HBTitle:(New Title) repealing the board of medical technicians in the office of professional licensure and certification.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Schmidt

HB1231 text
HBTitle:relative to failure to make payment of compensation.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Max Abramson

HB1182 text
HBTitle:relative to the board of court reporters.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Schmidt

HB1461 text
HBTitle:increasing penalties for littering.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dennis Green

HB1670 text
HBTitle:relative to funds of the education freedom account program after termination of a student's participation and responsibilities of the scholarship organization.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Bonnie Ham , Dan Wolf, Brodie Deshaies

HB1582 text
HBTitle:repealing the granite state paid family leave plan.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Torosian , Leonard Turcotte, Norman Silber, Louise Andrus, Erica Layon, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1158 text
HBTitle:relative to the use of handicap placards.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dennis Green

HB1438 text
HBTitle:relative to the use of a mooring by person other than the permit holder.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Torosian , Scott Wallace, Tony Piemonte, Robert Harb, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1098 text
HBTitle:limiting the number of parking spaces required per occupied dwelling.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Josh Yokela

HB1185 text
HBTitle:relative to treatment of water contaminated with perfluorinated chemicals.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Rosemarie Rung , Maureen Mooney, Joyce Weston, Bruce Cohen, Jacqueline Chretien, David Meuse, Robert Healey, Bill Boyd

HB1099 text
HBTitle:(Fourth New Title) relative to medical freedom in immunizations, re-establishing the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Farmers Market Nutrition Program, establishing an association health plan pilot program, and relative to expanding Medicaid to include certain postpartum health care services and making an appropriation therefor.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Torosian , Chris True, Dennis Green, Richard Littlefield, Jonathan Smith, Melissa Blasek, Louise Andrus

HB1232 text
HBTitle:reducing the penalty for first offense drug possession and repealing certain mandatory minimum sentences.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mark Warden

HB1583 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to days of operation of state liquor stores.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan

HB1096 text
HBTitle:prohibiting open carrying or display of a deadly weapon within 100 feet of a polling place.
 Sponsors: (Prime) David Meuse , Paul Berch, Gerald Ward, Mary Heath, Joyce Weston, Ray Newman, Amy Bradley, Joan Hamblet

HB1233 text
HBTitle:prohibiting higher education institutions receiving state funds from requiring face masks and COVID-19 vaccinations for attendance.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Torosian , Scott Wallace, Jonathan Smith, Louise Andrus, Tim Baxter

HB1328 text
HBTitle:authorizing a utility to petition to be relieved of their carrier of last resort obligations.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Harrington

HB1180 text
HBTitle:relative to state recognition of biological sex.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Linda Gould , Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien, Judy Aron, Leah Cushman

HB1157 text
HBTitle:relative to electronic ballot counting devices.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Torosian , John Janigian

HB1151 text
HBTitle:prohibiting the display of a deadly weapon at a parade, funeral procession, picket line, march, rally, vigil, or demonstration.
 Sponsors: (Prime) David Meuse , Timothy Horrigan, Paul Berch, Charlotte DiLorenzo, Debra Altschiller, Joyce Weston, Nicole Klein-Knight, Ray Newman

HB1097 text
HBTitle:relative to taxation of income of New Hampshire residents when working remotely for an out of state employer.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Torosian , Michael Sylvia, Chris True, Kurt Wuelper, John Janigian, Gregg Hough, Melissa Blasek, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1234 text
HBTitle:relative to criminal background checks for an applicant for a teaching credential.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Sue Mullen , Patricia Cornell, Stephen Woodcock, James Allard

HB1156 text
HBTitle:requiring certain public servants to receive a copy of a pre-employment background investigation.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Douglas Trottier , Mike Bordes

HB1327 text
HBTitle:including diabetes in the conditions listed for eligibility for a service animal.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dianne Schuett , Sharon Carson, Katherine Rogers, Jeffrey Goley, John Graham, Al Baldasaro, Efstathia Booras, Michael Moffett, Brian Sullivan, Rebecca Whitley

HB1155 text
HBTitle:relative to persons elected to a local board serving on another board.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Torosian , Scott Wallace, Tony Piemonte, Diane Pauer, Louise Andrus

HB1314 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study the management and oversight of the New Hampshire veterans' home.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Graham , Lou D'Allesandro, Robert Theberge, Al Baldasaro, Linda Massimilla

HB1329 text
HBTitle:relative to alternative programs for credit leading to high school graduation.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Rick Ladd

HB1132 text
HBTitle:relative to applications for a charter conversion school.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Rick Ladd , John Reagan, Kenneth Weyler, Barbara Shaw, Ralph Boehm, Karen Umberger, Glenn Cordelli, Gregory Hill, Ruth Ward, Deborah Hobson

HB1336 text
HBTitle:relative to rulemaking by the state board of education concerning violations of the professional code of ethics and the professional code of conduct.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Alicia Lekas , Rick Ladd, Glenn Cordelli

HB1190 text
HBTitle:relative to rulemaking by the state board of education for compliance with federal provisions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Deborah Hobson

HB1313 text
HBTitle:relative to rights to freedom from discrimination in higher education.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Rick Ladd

HB1255 text
HBTitle:relative to teachers' loyalty.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Alicia Lekas , Glenn Cordelli, Keith Ammon, Tony Lekas, Erica Layon

HB1639 text
HBTitle:relative to the youth risk behavior survey in schools.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ralph Boehm , Glenn Cordelli

HB1160 text
HBTitle:relative to obedience to signals at railroad crossings.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael O'Brien

HB1092 text
HBTitle:requiring an official declaration of war for the activation of the New Hampshire national guard.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Cody Belanger , David Binford, Kevin Craig, Matthew Santonastaso, William Foster

HB1580 text
HBTitle:relative to pharmacy benefits managers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Susan DeLemus

HB1146 text
HBTitle:relative to condominium instruments and condominium special assessments.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Susan DeLemus

HB1197 text
HBTitle:relative to the definition of "party" for election purposes.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kevin Craig

HB1312 text
HBTitle:relative to water pollution and waste disposal rulemaking.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Judy Aron , Mark McConkey, Carol McGuire

HB1149 text
HBTitle:relative to the number of names required for nomination by nomination papers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kevin Craig

HR15 text
HRTitle:condemning the Communist Party of China and the People's Republic of China.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Labranche , Linda Massimilla, Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien, Michael Yakubovich, Stacie-Marie Laughton, Jose Cambrils, Tim Baxter

HB1254 text
HBTitle:relative to the housing appeals board.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Susan Homola , Keith Ammon, Kevin Avard, Diane Pauer

HB1558 text
HBTitle:relative to insurance holding companies.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Hunt

HB1332 text
HBTitle:excepting public universities and colleges from requirements under medical freedom in immunizations.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joe Schapiro , Marjorie Smith, Judith Spang, Timothy Horrigan, William Marsh, Jay Kahn, Gary Woods, David Meuse, Gary Merchant, Cindy Rosenwald, Lawrence Welkowitz

HB1581 text
HBTitle:relative to the use of open source software by state agencies.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Lex Berezhny , Keith Ammon, Gregory Hill, Eric Gallager

HB1462 text
HBTitle:relative to motorcycle learner's permits.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Yakubovich , Thomas Walsh, Cody Belanger

HB1032 text
HBTitle:relative to the sale of the Lakes Region facility.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Gregg Hough

HB1334 text
HBTitle:relative to the definition of vaccination.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Barbara Comtois , Melissa Blasek

HB1603 text
HBTitle:defining certain school information as governmental records under the right to know law.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Josh Yokela , Patrick Abrami, Dave Testerman, Walter Stapleton, Michael Yakubovich, Matthew Santonastaso

HB1490 text
HBTitle:relative to equal access to places of public accommodation regardless of vaccination status.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Barbara Comtois , Gregg Hough, Jim Kofalt

HB1518 text
HBTitle:relative to the requirements for appointed guardians.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Cody Belanger

HB1101 text
HBTitle:relative to a forfeiture of personal property.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Sylvia , James Spillane, Norman Silber, Tony Lekas, Jonathan Smith, Lisa Post, JD Bernardy

HB1519 text
HBTitle:defining "religious belief" and protecting it from discrimination.
 Sponsors: (Prime) William Foster , Skip Rollins, Keith Ammon, James Spillane, Jess Edwards, Tony Lekas, Brodie Deshaies, Gail Sanborn, Diane Pauer

HB1164 text
HBTitle:revising the agriculture in the classroom committee.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Howard Pearl

HB1150 text
HBTitle:relative to temporary license plates.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Lex Berezhny , Michael Harrington, Edward Gordon, Fred Plett, Dawn Johnson, Leah Cushman, Jose Cambrils, JD Bernardy, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1520 text
HBTitle:relative to procedures for guardians ad litem.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Cody Belanger , Jeb Bradley, David Watters, Patrick Long, Carol McGuire, Amanda Bouldin, Andrew Prout, Bill Gannon, Mark Pearson, Andrew Bouldin, Dawn Johnson, Melbourne Moran, Bill Boyd

HB1532 text
HBTitle:permitting a dam to be constructed on Big Pea Porridge Pond.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mark McConkey

HB1159 text
HBTitle:recognizing November 7 as Victims of Communism Memorial Day.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien , Michael Yakubovich, Lex Berezhny, Jose Cambrils, Julius Soti

HB1296 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to the forfeiture of items used in connection with a drug offense.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Sylvia , Chris True, Norman Silber, Glenn Bailey

HB1463 text
HBTitle:relative to drivers' licenses issued in accordance with the Real ID Act of 2005.
 Sponsors: (Prime) George Sykes , David Watters, Paul Berch, Laura Telerski

HB1666 text
HBTitle:relative to the application process for driver's licenses and the privacy of motor vehicle records.
 Sponsors: (Prime) George Sykes , David Watters, Paul Berch, Laurel Stavis, Laura Telerski

HB1102 text
HBTitle:relative to certain committees and commissions of the department of state.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kenneth Weyler , Karen Umberger, Tracy Emerick

HB1093 text
HBTitle:relative to the licensure of nonresident aliens temporarily residing in New Hampshire.
 Sponsors: (Prime) George Sykes

HB1675 text
HBTitle:establishing a surcharge collected through E-Z Pass for electric vehicles as an alternative road toll.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dennis Thompson , Peter Schmidt

HB1665 text
HBTitle:establishing a municipal road and bridge disaster relief fund.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Judy Aron , Kenneth Weyler, Skip Rollins, Howard Pearl, Jess Edwards, Walter Stapleton, Bob Giuda, Ruth Ward, Jay Kahn, Jennifer Rhodes

HB1100 text
HBTitle:relative to changing the penalties for driving without a license.
 Sponsors: (Prime) George Sykes

HB1464 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study the feasibility and implementation of furthering electric vehicle adoption in New Hampshire.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Donovan Fenton , David Watters

HB1090 text
HBTitle:relative to teaching on discrimination in the public schools.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Charlotte DiLorenzo , David Cote, Linda Harriott-Gathright, Mel Myler, Alexis Simpson, Diane Langley, Peter Petrigno, Sue Mullen

HB1567 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to consequences resulting from election official misconduct.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Mark Alliegro , Norman Silber

HB1491 text
HBTitle:relative to natural gas transmission pipeline safety.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Joe Alexander

HB1533 text
HBTitle:relative to health education curriculum in schools.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Amanda Elizabeth Toll , Linda Massimilla, Debra Altschiller, Jay Kahn, Joe Schapiro, Joshua Query, Megan Murray, Lawrence Welkowitz, Tony Labranche, Maria Perez, Stephanie Hyland

HB1465 text
HBTitle:relative to the appointment of counsel for juveniles.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Patrick Long

HB1196 text
HBTitle:relative to school financial reports of public academies.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Erica Layon , Glenn Cordelli, Kurt Wuelper, Jess Edwards, Mark Pearson, Michael Yakubovich

HB1294 text
HBTitle:requiring the commission on demographic trends to consider data on race and ethnicity for the purpose of increasing racial and ethnic diversity in New Hampshire.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Eric Gallager

HB1439 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to health care facility visitation policies.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kimberly Rice , Barbara Shaw, Jeanine Notter, Regina Birdsell, Kevin Avard, Bob Greene, Terry Roy, Daryl Abbas, Judy Aron, Juliet Harvey-Bolia, Erica Layon

HB1568 text
HBTitle:raising the age of juvenile delinquency from 18 to 21.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Cody Belanger , David Watters, Patrick Long, Amanda Bouldin, Andrew Bouldin, Melbourne Moran

HB1440 text
HBTitle:relative to surface water quality standards for perfluorinated chemicals.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Robert Renny Cushing , Edith Tucker, Chuck Grassie, Andrew Bouldin, Rosemarie Rung, David Meuse, Mark Paige

HB1103 text
HBTitle:relative to certain assets in a divorce proceeding.
 Sponsors: (Prime) James Spillane , John Reagan, Charlotte DiLorenzo, Alan Bershtein

HB1235 text
HBTitle:relative to compensation paid to a crime victim.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Robert Renny Cushing , Mary Beth Walz, David Meuse

HB1492 text
HBTitle:relative to decal plates for the New Hampshire Council on the Arts.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Frances Nutter-Upham , Dan Toomey, Mark King, Donald Bouchard, Joshua Query, Sue Mullen, Melbourne Moran, Catherine Rombeau

HB1664 text
HBTitle:requiring certain non-public schools or education service providers that accept public funds to perform background checks on all employees and volunteers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Marjorie Porter , Linda Tanner, Mary Heath, Arthur Ellison, Sue Mullen

HB1441 text
HBTitle:establishing a commission to organize the observance of the 250th anniversary of the declaration of independence.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan , David Watters, Janet Wall, Marjorie Smith

HB1493 text
HBTitle:relative to the drug forfeiture fund.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Sylvia

HB1442 text
HBTitle:relative to access to election and voter information.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Manny Espitia

HB1443 text
HBTitle:proclaiming the first Monday of March as COVID-19 Victims and Survivors Memorial Day.
 Sponsors: (Prime) David Meuse , David Cote, Robert Renny Cushing, William Marsh, Debra Altschiller, Kate Murray, Joe Schapiro, Peter Petrigno

HB1444 text
HBTitle:relative to the registration of medical spas.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jaci Grote , William Marsh, Jerry Knirk

HB1671 text
HBTitle:relative to the content of an adequate education.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Rick Ladd , John Reagan, Ralph Boehm, Glenn Cordelli, Michael Moffett, Ruth Ward, James Allard, Deborah Hobson

HB1236 text
HBTitle:relative to the legislative oversight committee for the education improvement and assessment program.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Rick Ladd , Glenn Cordelli

HB1331 text
HBTitle:relative to power line maintenance and construction.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Benjamin Baroody , Jason Osborne

HB1584 text
HBTitle:establishing a capital improvement grant program for the benefit of state fairs and agricultural fairs.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Rick Ladd , Lou D'Allesandro, John Graham, Glenn Cordelli, David Luneau, Howard Pearl, Erin Hennessey, Suzanne Prentiss

HB1661 text
HBTitle:(Seventh New Title) relative to regional career technical education agreements, an appropriation for preliminary work for a new legislative parking garage, health and human services, establishing an extraordinary need grant for schools, training and procedures for zoning and planning boards, and financial investments and incentives for affordable housing development.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Rick Ladd , David Watters, John Reagan, Barbara Shaw, Ralph Boehm, Karen Umberger, Glenn Cordelli, Jay Kahn, Erin Hennessey, Bob Lynn

HB1466 text
HBTitle:relative to the off-label use of prescription drugs and relative to pharmacy prescriptions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kenna Cross , John Potucek, Michael Yakubovich, Judy Aron, Melissa Blasek, Erica Layon

HB1678 text
HBTitle:relative to the administration of the education freedom accounts program.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Erica Layon , Michael Moffett, Alicia Lekas, Hershel Nunez

HB1569 text
HBTitle:relative to the status of "totally unemployed" for purposes of unemployment compensation.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Erica Layon , Jeanine Notter, David Binford, Hershel Nunez, Dawn Johnson, Leah Cushman, Melissa Blasek, Diane Pauer, Louise Andrus

HB1660 text
HBTitle:relative to school lunches and establishing the meals for students fund.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan

HB1376 text
HBTitle:relative to participation in the education freedom accounts program by students with disabilities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Patricia Cornell , Robert Renny Cushing, Marjorie Porter, Mary Heath, Arthur Ellison, Sue Mullen

HB1377 text
HBTitle:relative to unemployment benefits for employees terminated for refusing to comply with a vaccine mandate.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Barbara Comtois , Keith Ammon, Richard Littlefield, Jim Kofalt

HB1237 text
HBTitle:relative to the definition of cigar bar.
 Sponsors: (Prime) John Cloutier , Walter Stapleton

HB1238 text
HBTitle:relative to zoning powers and the supply of workforce housing.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Vose , Josh Yokela, Richard Littlefield, Ross Berry

HB1378 text
HBTitle:relative to inspection of public lodging houses.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jordan Ulery , Bob Greene, Tony Lekas, Hershel Nunez

HB1629 text
HBTitle:relative to default service for net metering.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Lex Berezhny , Timothy Lang, Hershel Nunez

HB1379 text
HBTitle:relative to the department of health and human services' rulemaking authority regarding immunization requirements.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jim Kofalt , James Spillane, Chris True, Kevin Avard, David Love, Hershel Nunez, Gregg Hough, Melissa Blasek, JD Bernardy

HB1104 text
HBTitle:relative to the travel allowance for members of the legislature.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan

HB1521 text
HBTitle:requiring the department of education to provide the house and senate standing committees responsible for education with written copies of the laws relative to education.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Linda Tanner , Mel Myler, Janice Schmidt, Patricia Cornell, Constance Van Houten, Sherry Frost, Stephen Woodcock, Sallie Fellows, Arthur Ellison, Sue Mullen

HB1380 text
HBTitle:relative to installation of solar photovoltaic energy systems by owners subject to deed restrictions in a homeowners association.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Constance Van Houten , Jane Beaulieu, Efstathia Booras, Kendall Snow, Joyce Weston, Heidi Hamer

HB1325 text
HBTitle:relative to release of confidential records of a person appointed a guardian.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Schmidt

HB1381 text
HBTitle:relative to student school board members.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Labranche , Arthur Ellison, Sue Mullen, Lawrence Welkowitz, Stacie-Marie Laughton, Eric Gallager

HB1382 text
HBTitle:relative to the presumption of shared parenting in the determination of parental rights and responsibilities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jim Kofalt , Patrick Abrami, James Spillane, Gary Daniels, Kevin Avard, David Love, Ruth Ward, Michael Yakubovich, Josh Yokela, Lisa Post, Susan Homola, JD Bernardy

HB1383 text
HBTitle:relative to electronic copies of absentee ballot lists.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ross Berry

HB1628 text
HBTitle:directing the department of energy to generate a report on the microgrid project currently in progress at the university of New Hampshire in collaboration with the regional utilities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Somssich , David Meuse, Joan Hamblet

HB1106 text
HBTitle:(Second New Title) establishing a commission to study recruiting members of the armed forces and the commission on demographic trends.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Richard Lascelles

HB1384 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study the need for childcare and ways to supplement and fund it in New Hampshire.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Donovan Fenton , Patrick Abrami, Karel Crawford, Jennie Gomarlo

HB1590 text
HBTitle:relative to municipalities withdrawing from the state retirement system.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Lex Berezhny , Keith Ammon, Leonard Turcotte, Edward Gordon, Andrew Prout, Bob Giuda, Dawn Johnson, Juliet Harvey-Bolia, Leah Cushman, Erica Layon

HB1089 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to the unenforceability of noncompete agreements upon termination of an employee for noncompliance with a medical intervention mandate.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jim Kofalt , Jordan Ulery, James Spillane, Barbara Comtois, Alicia Lekas, Gregg Hough, Dawn Johnson, JD Bernardy

HB1663 text
HBTitle:relative to requirements for home education students.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Erica Layon , Jeanine Notter, Glenn Cordelli, Kimberly Rice, Michael Moffett, Alicia Lekas, Hershel Nunez

HB1094 text
HBTitle:relative to employee work schedules and rest periods.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read

HB1385 text
HBTitle:prohibiting the use of credit history in employment decisions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , Dan Toomey, Donald Bouchard

HB1386 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study the effects of heat and high temperature on employee working conditions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , Dan Toomey, Donald Bouchard

HB1387 text
HBTitle:enabling municipalities to adopt a property tax homestead exemption.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , James Spillane, Hershel Nunez

HB1338 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study imposing a tax on manufacturers based on the cost to dispose of single-use products and product packaging materials.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , Sherry Frost, Tony Labranche

HB1494 text
HBTitle:relative to a property tax exemption concerning certain communications services leases.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Vose , Jeanine Notter, Glenn Cordelli

HB1557 text
HBTitle:relative to survivor benefit optional allowances under the retirement system.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jeffrey Goley , Dianne Schuett, Stephen Pearson

HB1614 text
HBTitle:requiring the recording and storing of digital video in all state-funded juvenile detention facilities.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Jess Edwards , Kimberly Rice

HB1239 text
HBTitle:relative to habitual offender hearings.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Thomas Walsh , Larry Gagne

HB1333 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to the definition of a "way" for the purposes of driving under the influence of drugs or liquor and administrative license suspensions.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Daryl Abbas

HB1339 text
HBTitle:relative to the Winnipesaukee River basin control replacement fund.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dawn Johnson , Jeb Bradley, Norman Silber

HB1110 text
HBTitle:relative to windshield tint waivers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Thomas Walsh , Larry Gagne, Steven Smith, George Sykes

HB1340 text
HBTitle:relative to the definition of "domestic violence" and relative to criminal convictions for domestic violence.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Max Abramson

HB1111 text
HBTitle:establishing a commission to study extended producer responsibility.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Lucius Parshall , Suzanne Smith, Lee Oxenham

HB1341 text
HBTitle:relative to the definition of conviction in motor vehicle laws.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Thomas Walsh , Larry Gagne, Steven Smith, George Sykes

HB1105 text
HBTitle:relative to earned time credits.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Daryl Abbas

HB1240 text
HBTitle:relative to service of process for license suspensions or revocations.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Thomas Walsh , Larry Gagne, Steven Smith, George Sykes

HB1342 text
HBTitle:relative to municipal charter provisions for tax caps.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Suzanne Vail , Linda Harriott-Gathright, Martin Jack, Janice Schmidt, Latha Mangipudi, Michael Pedersen, Manny Espitia, Laura Telerski, Sherry Dutzy, Melbourne Moran

HB1553 text
HBTitle:relative to roadside memorials.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Daniel Eaton , John Cloutier, John Graham, Martin Jack

HB1534 text
HBTitle:authorizing the use of side exhausts for antique vehicles.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Thomas Walsh

HR17 text
HRTitle:opposing all federal and state efforts to establish a carbon tax on fuels for electricity and transportation.
 Sponsors: (Prime) JD Bernardy , Jeanine Notter, Jose Cambrils, Nick White

HB1585 text
HBTitle:relative to removing the ramp tolls at exit 11 in Hooksett.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Thomas Walsh , Sherman Packard, Steven Smith, Gregory Hill, Harold French, Michael Yakubovich, Matthew Pitaro, Stephen Boyd

HCR8 text
HCRTitle:affirming states' rights based on Jeffersonian principles.
 Sponsors: (Prime) JD Bernardy

HB1107 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study the rental or lease of housing to a person who has pets.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , Cam Kenney

HB1108 text
HBTitle:relative to the prescribed manner of posting land.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , David Watters, Judith Spang, Cam Kenney

HB1495 text
HBTitle:(New Title) prohibiting the state from requiring businesses to require vaccine or documentation related to vaccination or immunity status.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tom Lanzara , Leonard Turcotte, Tony Lekas, Judy Aron, Juliet Harvey-Bolia, Jim Kofalt, William Foster, Melissa Blasek

HB1467 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to recounts of state representative races during a general election.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Yakubovich , Judy Aron, Vanessa Sheehan, Stephen Boyd

HB1468 text
HBTitle:relative to the legalization of cannabis.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Stacie-Marie Laughton , Tony Labranche

HB1469 text
HBTitle:(Second New Title) establishing a committee to study the need for anti-discrimination legislation in the New Hampshire financial services industry.
 Sponsors: (Prime) JD Bernardy , Jeanine Notter, Keith Ammon, Michael Vose, Bob Greene, Deborah Hobson, Jeffrey Greeson

HB1643 text
HBTitle:modifying the new resident drivers' license transfer requirement.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Andrew Prout , Leonard Turcotte, Timothy Lang, Kevin Verville, Bob Greene, Cody Belanger

HB1496 text
HBTitle:(New Title) requiring political subdivisions to make voter checklists available in electronic form to any resident.
 Sponsors: (Prime) David Love

HB1570 text
HBTitle:relative to reducing vehicle registration fees.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Keith Ammon , Mark Warden, Fred Doucette, William Foster

HB1497 text
HBTitle:relative to optional allowances in the retirement system.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tom Lanzara

HB1309 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study revising house rules to assure that all sections of the budget trailer bill receive an adequate public hearing.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dan Wolf , Karen Ebel, Claire Rouillard, Edward Gordon, James Allard, Brodie Deshaies

HB1241 text
HBTitle:prohibiting a school district from mandating a COVID-19 vaccination for school attendance.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tom Lanzara , Richard Littlefield

HB1343 text
HBTitle:allowing limited legal services to be provided by certain paraprofessionals.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Edward Gordon , Marjorie Smith, Kimberly Rice, Kurt Wuelper, Harold French, Rebecca Whitley

HB1242 text
HBTitle:relative to filing deadlines for candidates seeking election to charter commissions and relative to the dates of such elections.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Paul Bergeron

HB1344 text
HBTitle:relative to the authority of real estate brokers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) JD Bernardy , Norman Silber

HB1658 text
HBTitle:relative to testing in lieu of license renewal fees.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Max Abramson , Aidan Ankarberg

HB1642 text
HBTitle:relative to lead testing in children.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Chuck Grassie , David Watters, Jerry Knirk, Diane Langley, Jacqueline Chretien, Gary Woods, David Meuse

HB1345 text
HBTitle:relative to the release of a teenager's medical records to a parent or guardian.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , Andrew Renzullo, Kurt Wuelper, Bill Gannon, Mark Pearson, Rosemarie Rung, Jeffrey Greeson, Jim Kofalt, Susan Homola, Erica Layon, JD Bernardy

HB1109 text
HBTitle:(Second New Title) relative to the authority of a city or town to limit the use or operation of an OHRV on certain ways.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Andrew Renzullo , Suzanne Gottling, Linda Gould

HB1346 text
HBTitle:establishing a commission to study the New Hampshire family court system.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Betty Gay , Kurt Wuelper, Walter Stapleton, Rosemarie Rung, Gary Woods, Rebecca McWilliams, Jeffrey Greeson, Susan Homola, JD Bernardy, Tina Harley

HB1310 text
HBTitle:prohibiting the discharge of a firearm in the direction of a building, livestock, or pets.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kevin Verville

HB1243 text
HBTitle:relative to alternative transportation of students for public schools.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kevin Verville

CACR26 text
CACRTitle:relating to the house of representatives. Providing that 100 of the representatives are elected using party list proportional representation.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Labranche , Stacie-Marie Laughton

HB1571 text
HBTitle:increasing fines for littering and directing revenues to the fish and game department.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Egan , Linda Massimilla, Roger Dontonville, Dennis Thompson

HB1347 text
HBTitle:relative to licensing requirements for health care facilities that operate on a membership-based business model.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Leah Cushman , David Binford, Tony Lekas, Michael Yakubovich, Judy Aron, Dawn Johnson, Melissa Blasek, Louise Andrus

HB1311 text
HBTitle:(New Title) prohibiting persons charged with or convicted of certain assault or controlled drug possession violations from employment in a public school or being granted teaching credentials.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Sue Mullen , Linda Tanner, Catherine Rombeau

HB1306 text
HBTitle:relative to personal possession of marijuana.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Labranche , Max Abramson, Stacie-Marie Laughton, Stephanie Hyland

HB1348 text
HBTitle:relative to the legalization of a certain amount of cannabis.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Egan , Carol McGuire, Jerry Knirk, Joshua Adjutant, Joyce Weston, Nicole Klein-Knight, Amanda Elizabeth Toll

HB1244 text
HBTitle:relative to parental consent to medical and dental treatments of children in schools.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Leah Cushman , Al Baldasaro, Gary Daniels, David Love, Tony Lekas, Judy Aron, Dawn Johnson, Lisa Post, Vanessa Sheehan

HB1667 text
HBTitle:relative to the standard and optional veterans' tax credits and the all veterans' tax credit.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Diane Pauer , Kenneth Weyler, Barbara Shaw, Kevin Avard, David Binford, Jess Edwards, William Foster, Susan Homola, Tim Baxter

HB1498 text
HBTitle:establishing a safety program for off highway recreational vehicles and snowmobiles.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Egan , Dennis Thompson

HB1554 text
HBTitle:(Second New Title) relative to online payment of fees relating to the operation of off highway recreational vehicles and snowmobiles, and relative to grants administered by the bureau of trails for OHRV trail development and maintenance.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Egan , Linda Massimilla, Troy Merner, Roger Dontonville, Erin Hennessey, Dennis Thompson

HB1572 text
HBTitle:relative to funds credited to the harbor dredging and pier maintenance fund and making appropriations for the dredging of Rye harbor and Seabrook/Hampton harbor.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Max Abramson , Aidan Ankarberg

HB1308 text
HBTitle:prohibiting the capture, possession, and propagation of hares and rabbits for hunting dog training and field trials.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Edith Tucker , John Reagan, Dennis Thompson

HB1349 text
HBTitle:decriminalizing the possession and use of psilocybin mushrooms.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Labranche , Max Abramson, Kevin Verville, Cam Kenney, Stacie-Marie Laughton, Stephanie Hyland

HB1350 text
HBTitle:relative to the procedure for valuation of property for property tax purposes.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Ross Berry

HB1245 text
HBTitle:relative to copayments for services rendered by a chiropractor.
 Sponsors: (Prime) David Lundgren , David Love, Tom Dolan

HB1246 text
HBTitle:relative to interlock devices.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Larry Gagne

HB1470 text
HBTitle:requiring that all ballot counting devices show the number of overvotes for each race on the ballot.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Moffett

HB1247 text
HBTitle:relative to folded ballots.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Moffett

HB1248 text
HBTitle:relative to replacement power for net metering customer-generators.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Nick White

HB1472 text
HBTitle:prohibiting anti-union activities by employers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Tony Labranche , Joshua Adjutant, Chuck Grassie, Donald Bouchard, Arthur Ellison, Stacie-Marie Laughton, Eric Gallager

HB1307 text
HBTitle:modifying the authority and duties of the housing appeals board.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Barbara Griffin

HB1659 text
HBTitle:relative to criminal history background checks for certain health care workers.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Patrick Abrami , Jeb Bradley, John Reagan, Charles McMahon, Kevin Cavanaugh, Joe Schapiro, Jaci Grote, Denise Ricciardi

HB1351 text
HBTitle:prohibiting certain employers from requiring a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Norman Silber

HB1644 text
HBTitle:relative to the placement of telecommunication antennae and establishing a registry for residents who are experiencing biological symptoms from wireless radiation exposure.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Patrick Abrami , Gary Woods, Denise Ricciardi

HB1304 text
HBTitle:establishing a committee to study the impacts of outdoor working conditions in heat and cold.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Maria Perez

HB1388 text
HBTitle:relative to the unsolicited disclosure of an intimate image.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Allison Nutting-Wong , Daryl Abbas, Jennifer Rhodes

HB1522 text
HBTitle:requiring the use of ballots with embedded security and relative to chain of custody of absentee ballots.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Patrick Abrami , Max Abramson, Judy Aron, Tom Lanzara

HB1352 text
HBTitle:relative to eligibility for workers' compensation for an adverse reaction to a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Gregg Hough , Michael Sylvia, David Binford, David Love, Judy Aron, Louise Andrus

HB1473 text
HBTitle:authorizing a forensic audit of the November 3, 2020 election results in Merrimack county for president, governor, and United States senate races.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Patrick Abrami , Max Abramson, Judy Aron, Susan Homola, Tom Lanzara, Aidan Ankarberg

HB1353 text
HBTitle:renaming a wing in the New Hampshire veterans' home.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Al Baldasaro , Steven Smith, Dave Testerman, Bob Greene, Tom Dolan, Terry Roy, Judy Aron, Juliet Harvey-Bolia, Brodie Deshaies, Jim Creighton

HB1292 text
HBTitle:permitting the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles on the statewide trail system.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Keith Ammon , Howard Pearl, Mike Bordes, Lex Berezhny

HB1474 text
HBTitle:relative to annual vehicle inspections.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Steven Smith , John Burt, Walter Stapleton, Michael Yakubovich, Mike Bordes, Vanessa Sheehan, Tina Harley

HB1354 text
HBTitle:relative to regulation by the New Hampshire real estate commission.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Dennis Acton

HB1303 text
HBTitle:relative to causes for absolute divorce.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Debra DeSimone , John Potucek

HB1305 text
HBTitle:relative to temporary alimony.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Debra DeSimone , John Potucek, Michael Moffett

HB1420 text
HBTitle:prohibiting the issuance of new landfill permits until the state's solid waste plan is updated.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Linda Massimilla , Robert Theberge, Anita Burroughs, Erin Hennessey, Dennis Thompson

HB1615 text
HBTitle:relative to driver education and the driver training fund.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Susan Almy , David Watters, George Sykes

HB1302 text
HBTitle:relative to the weighing of vehicles.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Steven Smith , Walter Stapleton

HB1357 text
HBTitle:relative to land acknowledgment.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Robert Renny Cushing , David Cote, Suzanne Vail, Amanda Bouldin, Charlotte DiLorenzo, Tom Sherman, Israel Piedra, Manny Espitia, Cam Kenney

HB1128 text
HBTitle:relative to financial liability for damage caused by OHRV use of class VI roads.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Andrew Renzullo , Suzanne Gottling, Linda Gould

HB1535 text
HBTitle:(New Title) relative to a one-time allowance for certain state retirees.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Troy Merner , Joseph Guthrie, Mike Bordes, Brodie Deshaies

HB1586 text
HBTitle:relative to a likeness of Wentworth Cheswill at the state house.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Charlotte DiLorenzo , Robert Renny Cushing, Marjorie Smith, Timothy Horrigan, Michael Cahill, Alexis Simpson, Ellen Read, Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

HB1587 text
HBTitle:relative to determination of average final compensation under the retirement system and making an appropriation therefor.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Kevin Pratt , Mike Bordes, Douglas Trottier, Brodie Deshaies

HB1291 text
HBTitle:prohibiting discrimination against tenants holding certain vouchers for purposes of renting dwellings.
 Sponsors: (Prime) Cam Kenney , David Watters, Donna Soucy, Marjorie Smith, Timothy Horrigan, Timothy Smith, Matthew Wilhelm, Gaby Grossman, Wendy Chase, Cindy Rosenwald

HB1112 text
HBTitle:relative to competitive bidding in counties.