Representative Claudine Burnham (R)

Strafford - District 2

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Home Address

156 Governors Road
Milton, NH  03851

Seat #: 3018

Additional Information

House Committee Information
Committee Name: Election Law
Position:  Member
Committee Phone:  603-271-3310
Committee Function:
It shall be the duty of the Committee on Election Law to consider all matters relating to the election laws of the state, including campaign finance, the Ballot Law Commission, redistricting, and such other matters as may be referred to it.

Personal Biography
As a resident of NH for over 25 years, I am honored to serve as the State Representative for District 2, Milton and Rochester Ward 5. Although these are difficult days, I am very hopeful of the future of our state and our country. I will do my very best to serve the residents of District 2 and our “Live Free or Die” NH supporters.
Local Government Involvement
Over the past 16 years, I have served my community in many capacities, mainly focusing on children-related functions as I was raising 4 daughters during that time. However, in 2020, I felt called to apply as a town selectman in Milton, NH. I was then appointed to the position and also became an active member on our budget committee where we navigated through the difficult issues provided by COVID, but still managed to reduce our budget and applied unassigned fund balance to assist in reducing our tax rate for 2021. I also participated on the Efficiency Task Force Committee which gave us a better understanding of what our resident’s views were of our town through a two-method survey, one as a mailer and the other on-line. With a 10% survey response, many actions were put forth through our departments and volunteers. One of the major issues residents shared was the lack of communication, especially during COVID. Working with our police chief, we were prompted to purchase two digital signs as one method of communication for our community. In 2021, the voters officially voted me as selectman where I currently reside as Chair. As a member of the Board, I find it important to reach beyond just the meetings. I serve my community to the best of my ability and the most difficult part are the decisions that affect people’s lives.
Miscellaneous Information:
As early as my high school years, I have enjoyed serving my community. My goal is to continue serving my larger community to the best of my ability.