Representative David Nagel (R)

Belknap - District 6

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Home Address

PO Box 120
Gilmanton, NH  03237-0120

Seat #: 2061

Additional Information

House Committee Information
Committee Name: Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs
Position:  Member
Committee Phone:  603-271-3565
Committee Function:
It shall be the duty of the Committee on Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs to consider all matters concerning the health of the inhabitants of the state; vital statistics; medical and related professions; the administration of welfare activities by the state government; matters relating to the special needs of our elderly citizens and such other matters as may be referred to it.

Personal Biography
Dr. David Nagel is a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation who, for the past thirty years, has specialized in pain management, acupuncture, and interventional pain management in Concord, New Hampshire. His interests include doctor-patient communication and advocacy and social justice for those who suffer from chronic pain. He is the author of the critically reviewed book Needless Suffering; How Society Fails Those with Chronic Pain. Described as a “self-help book for society” with “the potential to change the way we talk about pain in America." Needless Suffering offers a broad sociological look at how we, as a culture, treat those who suffer, too often needlessly harming them, and how, through public policy and personal behavior, we can do much better. Dr. Nagel is one of the founders of the New Hampshire Pain Collaborative and the President and founder of the Nagel Pain Community, non-profit organizations dedicated to the education of the public, health professionals, and legislators on the needs of those who suffer from chronic pain. He is a member/Ambassador of the US Pain Foundation and the Pain Connection, both patient advocacy groups. He is a member of the NFL Players’ Association Pain Committee and the co-chair of the pain management best practices sub-committee, one of several endeavors outlining best practices for pain management that he is a part of.
Local Government Involvement
Dr. Nagel has been involved in advocacy for the rights of those suffering from pain and neurological related disabilities for the last 35 years at the local, state and national levels. He is currently representing Belknap County District 6 of New Hampshire as a New Hampshire State Representative.