Representative Joseph Pitre (R)

Strafford - District 2

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76 Cocheco Road
Farmington, NH  03835-3803
Seat #: 1034

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House Committee Information
Committee Name: Finance
Position:  Clerk
Committee Phone:  603-271-3165
Committee Function:
It shall be the duty of the Committee on Finance to examine and consider the state of the treasury and the budget; subjects concerning the financial interest of the state; all measures carrying appropriations of state money except claims against the state and such other matters as may be referred to it. Prior to the report of the Finance Committee to the House, the Speaker may refer the budget of certain self-sustaining state agencies to appropriate committees for study and recommendation.

Finance - Division II
Position:  Vice Chair
Committee Phone:  603-271-3165
Personal Biography
I have served Farmington for many years in many capacities (member and chairman) as a public servant. Police officer, Zoning Board of Adjustment), Capital Improvement Committee, Conservation Commities, Budget Committee, Schoo! Board for nine years, and New Hampshire State Representative for the past eight years. I pride myself in listening to the constituents of Farmington by retuming all phone calls and being accessible to hear concems and to obtain views of the current bills being heard. As your State Representative, I promise to adhere to both United States Constitution and the New Hampshire Constitution. I took that oath for the first time as a member of the United States Air Force, serving 17 years and a member of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. I have never rescinded that oath and dedicated my life to protect our precious freedom. I have owned my own business and know what it means to write a paycheck, comply with laws and regulation and realized how goverment can be a great burden to us all for no legitimate reason. This is where you find public policy can change our fortunes. As a Farmington School Board member, I realized the failings of our fiscal management and questioned procedures and not following the jaw. Audits were many years behind and no urgency to care for the generous taxpayer even when administration gave laudatory comments on the work being done. (see School District Report 2008) if you do not complete and file timely reports the tax rate cannot be set and costly tax anticipation notes must be initiated.(2008 reports were not filed timely and I found an incorrect calculation (about $800,000 off which is a $2 increase on the tax rate and the tax rate being filed on Nov 20, 2008) This problem with the Farmington Schoo! District is happening today and there is a failure of accountability of not knowing how much money ($1.4 million extra) is in our checkbook. These are taxpayer funds and are required by law to be returned to the taxpayers at the end of the fiscal year. I am a tax fighter. I have asked to be and been appointed to the busiest committees which are the House Education and the House Finance Committee, respectively. I believe being on these committees give the greatest voice and have the greatest impact on our citizens. As a school board member and public servant, I have been an outspoken critic of the failed Everyday Math curiculum that has been used in our schools for many years. I have questioned the change from the algorithm that has served us well in the past. This has reduced the parent’s ability to help their student with homework and help educate their chiid. As a House Education Committee member, I have heard how students were not prepared for the higher math classes offered in the high school and the biggest complaint was Everyday Math. Farmington's school budget has been increasing every year to the point where it caused our property taxes to almost double without any impact on increased academic achievement. The dumbed down Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards were brought into the schools by superintendents without a vote from school boards. As a school board member, I asked for a critical analysis on the standards, how they would be implemented in the school, and if there was a better altemative. This was never done. The Federal Government enticed state and local govemments with a chance of receiving a huge grant and as you can guess common core came with no money. So much for local control with tremendous cost to local districts. I have worked vigorously for parents needing to consent to invasive and controversial surveys. informed consent is an ethical requirement that professionals like Child Psychologists must adhere to in order to receive their license to practice. My voting record and committee work reflect my strong support of parental rights. Fortunately, we were able to pass a law that requires parental consent on non-academic surveys. Parents are fed up with the data mining, and the disregard for their parental rights. One of the glaring problems with people serving government is showing up for committee hearings, executive committee votes and session days. I have a stellar attendance record (98%) because you have entrusted me with your vote. I research every bill (1070 this year) and help make recommendations to fellow House members. I volunteer for subcommittee hearings to further your voice on how we are Governed. I am an advocate of the second amendment for law abiding citizens. I value small government, fiscal restraint, low taxes, parental rights and a quality education.
Local Government Involvement
Currently serving as trustee of the trust funds, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Budget Committee
Miscellaneous Information:
US Air Force (1964-68, 71-77)
NH Air Guard (1977-84)