DISCLAIMER: THE SENATE PAGE PROGRAM HAS BEEN SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. The New Hampshire State Senate Page Program has played an important role in the services provided to legislators and high school students, offering a valuable communications link between lawmakers and our young students. This educational opportunity is a great way for young people to learn about the legislative process, providing students with a meaningful and exciting experience in state government that they will always remember. Serving as a Page in the New Hampshire Senate offers a unique glance into the internal workings of state government with the hope of fostering a spirit of civic engagement that will remain with participating students into adulthood.


While taking part in the Senate Page Program, students will be active participants in an actual Senate Session, this providing a firsthand learning experience regarding the role of the legislators in state government. Student Pages will be asked to assist the Senate Clerk's Office, and other staff members, with a variety of duties that will contribute to the ultimate creation of new laws that will govern the State of New Hampshire. In addition, students will have an opportunity to meet their own Senators and possibly share thoughts and ideas with them.

The Senate Pages' official responsibilities will include: preparing the Senate Chamber for Session, distributing important legislative documents (such as "floor amendments"), and making photocopies of pending legislation for Senators and staff.

Throughout the Senate Session, Pages will sit in "front row" seats inside the Senate Chamber, where they can observe the live floor debates and the legislative process in action.


We ask that students arrive one hour prior to the start of the Senate Session. Upon arrival, students will be given an orientation, including a brief tour of the State House, during which an explanation of their duties will be provided.

Students are asked to bring a bag lunch. Snacks and refreshments will be available throughout the day. We ask that students have the contact number of their transportation, as Session times can vary and rarely end at a specific time.

We ask that male Pages wear a collared shirt, tie and dress slacks. Female Pages should dress in an appropriate manner in keeping with their male counterparts.

It is important that students understand, respect and maintain the integrity of the Senate. Pages will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the New Hampshire State Senate.


If you know of a high school student who is interested in government and who would like to participate in the Senate Page Program, please forward his/her name, home address, telephone number, grade level and school affiliation directly to the Senate Clerk's Office.

Our contact information is:

YMCA - Youth and Government Program

An excellent way to become involved in state government and find more information about the New Hampshire Senate Page Program is to contact the YMCA and inquire about their Youth and Government Program.