The New Hampshire

State Senate

New Hampshire Senate Clerk's Office

Office Location

State House
Senate Chamber
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-3420


The Senate Clerk is elected by the Senate members at the beginning of each biennium. The Clerk serves as Parliamentarian of the Senate, providing information on established rules as well as parliamentary and legislative procedures. The Clerk is the Chief Legislative Officer and is responsible for the proper handling of all legislation in the Senate, as well as maintaining records of the Senate. The office is non-partisan and is responsible for and provides information on bill status and voting records. Senate Calendars, Journals, Senate Bills, and various publications are prepared and printed by this office. The Clerk and staff coordinate the flow of work during the Senate sessions. The Clerk's Office operates the audio equipment during session to ensure that the Senate is heard live on the Web and around the State House complex.

Senate Page Program

Clerk's Office Staff

Tammy Wright, Senate Clerk
Ann Knapp, Calendar Clerk
Jack Mullen, Journal Clerk
Herb Turner, Bill Status Clerk
Gardner Berry, Senate Recorder/Office Aide
Molly DeAcetis, Assistant to the Senate Clerk's Office
Roger C. Brooks, Senate Doorkeeper
Mike Allard, Senate Sergeant-At-Arms
Chad Gamache, Senate Sergeant-At-Arms