2022 Chaptered Final Version

Chapters : 46
Chapter # Bill # Title
1 HB1650 relative to mileage for members of the legislature.
2 HB0427 prohibiting corporal punishment of children in state agency programs.
3 SB0017 (2nd New Title) relative to permitting dogs in outdoor dining areas of restaurants.
4 HB0054 apportioning county commissioner districts.
5 HB0549 (New Title) relative to the system benefits charge and the energy efficiency and sustainable energy board.
6 HB0095 relative to milk pasteurization.
7 HB0435 (New Title) relative to the suspension of drivers' licenses
8 SB0307 (New Title) relative to the issuance of safe boater education certificates and commercial driving instruction.
9 HB0050 apportioning state representative districts.
10 HB0055 (New Title) apportioning delegates to state party conventions, and relative to the form for declarations of candidacy for delegates to state party conventions.
11 HB0440 (New Title) prohibiting the suspension of civil liberties during a state of emergency.
12 HB0102 (Second New Title) establishing a commission to study worldwide combined reporting method for unitary businesses under the business profits tax, and relative to the treatment of water or sewerage disposal utilities under the business profits tax.
13 HB0116 relative to personal delivery devices and mobile carriers.
14 HB0207 repealing the regulation of household goods carriers.
15 HB0589 requiring workers' compensation to cover prophylactic treatment for critical exposure
16 HB1063 (New Title) relative to the technical changes to the administration of certain taxes by the department of revenue administration and relative to county redevelopment district bonds for an unincorporated place.
17 HB1427 relative to membership on the speech-language pathology and hearing care provider governing board.
18 HB1441 establishing a commission to organize the observance of the 250th anniversary of the declaration of independence.
19 HB0398 making an appropriation to the department of environmental services for funding eligible wastewater projects.
20 HB0418 relative to supreme court reporting.
21 HB1016 (New Title) relative to licensing of speech-language specialists.
22 HB1029 relative to the Claremont police commission.
23 HB1062 relative to the duties of the electrology advisory committee.
24 HB1074 relative to notice to a chartered public school of a special education services meeting.
25 HB1228 relative to recommendations of the joint committee on dedicated funds.
26 HB1327 including diabetes in the conditions listed for eligibility for a service animal.
27 HB1437 relative to registration plates for antique farm tractors.
28 HB1575 (New Title) relative to waiver of tuition in the university system and community college system.
29 HB0457 (New Title) relative to the meetings of the legislative youth advisory council.
30 HB0571 repealing the prohibition against OHRV travel on Hoit Road Marsh.
31 HB1030 relative to licensure by alternate experience for licensed nursing assistant.
32 HB1059 clarifying limits on licensure by operation of law.
33 HB1110 relative to windshield tint waivers.
34 HB1214 eliminating fees for walking disability placards.
35 HB1218 relative to the merger of Granite State college with the university of New Hampshire.
36 HB1234 relative to criminal background checks for an applicant for a teaching credential.
37 HB1316 directing the director of the state police to develop requirements for eFoil and electric hydrofoil surfboard watercraft.
38 HB1323 relative to hike safe cards.
39 HB1354 relative to regulation by the New Hampshire real estate commission.
40 HB1456 relative to the Hampton marine memorial.
41 HB1558 relative to insurance holding companies.
42 HB1559 relative to laws administered by the insurance department.
43 HB1562 clarifying the prohibition on using an electronic or telecommunications device while driving.
44 HB1581 relative to the use of open source software by state agencies.
45 SB0240 apportioning state senate districts.
46 SB0241 apportioning executive council districts.