2022 Chaptered Final Version

Chapters : 245
Chapter # Bill # Title
1 HB1650 relative to mileage for members of the legislature.
2 HB0427 prohibiting corporal punishment of children in state agency programs.
3 SB0017 (2nd New Title) relative to permitting dogs in outdoor dining areas of restaurants.
4 HB0054 apportioning county commissioner districts.
5 HB0549 (New Title) relative to the system benefits charge and the energy efficiency and sustainable energy board.
6 HB0095 relative to milk pasteurization.
7 HB0435 (New Title) relative to the suspension of drivers' licenses
8 SB0307 (New Title) relative to the issuance of safe boater education certificates and commercial driving instruction.
9 HB0050 apportioning state representative districts.
10 HB0055 (New Title) apportioning delegates to state party conventions, and relative to the form for declarations of candidacy for delegates to state party conventions.
11 HB0440 (New Title) prohibiting the suspension of civil liberties during a state of emergency.
12 HB0102 (Second New Title) establishing a commission to study worldwide combined reporting method for unitary businesses under the business profits tax, and relative to the treatment of water or sewerage disposal utilities under the business profits tax.
13 HB0116 relative to personal delivery devices and mobile carriers.
14 HB0207 repealing the regulation of household goods carriers.
15 HB0589 requiring workers' compensation to cover prophylactic treatment for critical exposure
16 HB1063 (New Title) relative to the technical changes to the administration of certain taxes by the department of revenue administration and relative to county redevelopment district bonds for an unincorporated place.
17 HB1427 relative to membership on the speech-language pathology and hearing care provider governing board.
18 HB1441 establishing a commission to organize the observance of the 250th anniversary of the declaration of independence.
19 HB0398 making an appropriation to the department of environmental services for funding eligible wastewater projects.
20 HB0418 relative to supreme court reporting.
21 HB1016 (New Title) relative to licensing of speech-language specialists.
22 HB1029 relative to the Claremont police commission.
23 HB1062 relative to the duties of the electrology advisory committee.
24 HB1074 relative to notice to a chartered public school of a special education services meeting.
25 HB1228 relative to recommendations of the joint committee on dedicated funds.
26 HB1327 including diabetes in the conditions listed for eligibility for a service animal.
27 HB1437 relative to registration plates for antique farm tractors.
28 HB1575 (New Title) relative to waiver of tuition in the university system and community college system.
29 HB0457 (New Title) relative to the meetings of the legislative youth advisory council.
30 HB0571 repealing the prohibition against OHRV travel on Hoit Road Marsh.
31 HB1030 relative to licensure by alternate experience for licensed nursing assistant.
32 HB1059 clarifying limits on licensure by operation of law.
33 HB1110 relative to windshield tint waivers.
34 HB1214 eliminating fees for walking disability placards.
35 HB1218 relative to the merger of Granite State college with the university of New Hampshire.
36 HB1234 relative to criminal background checks for an applicant for a teaching credential.
37 HB1316 directing the director of the state police to develop requirements for eFoil and electric hydrofoil surfboard watercraft.
38 HB1323 relative to hike safe cards.
39 HB1354 relative to regulation by the New Hampshire real estate commission.
40 HB1456 relative to the Hampton marine memorial.
41 HB1558 relative to insurance holding companies.
42 HB1559 relative to laws administered by the insurance department.
43 HB1562 clarifying the prohibition on using an electronic or telecommunications device while driving.
44 HB1581 relative to the use of open source software by state agencies.
45 SB0240 apportioning state senate districts.
46 SB0241 apportioning executive council districts.
47 HB0122 (New Title) amending the capital appropriation for an aviation hangar bay in the department of military affairs and veterans services.
48 HB0241 (New Title) repealing the definition of brook trout.
49 HB0410 (New Title) establishing a commission to study the assessing of power generation and utility transmission
50 HB0576 relative to victims compensation fund eligibility.
51 HB1000 prohibiting motorcycle profiling.
52 HB1003 prohibiting health care providers from refusing to provide care or services based on patient vaccination status.
53 HB1005 relative to the creation of a New Hampshire low-grade timber and wood emerging market commission.
54 HB1010 requiring municipal voter history to be made accessible in the statewide centralized voter registration database.
55 HB1035 relative to exemptions from school vaccine mandates.
56 HB1037 relative to the governor's duties during a state of emergency.
57 HB1045 (New Title) relative to the composition of the ethics oversight advisory committee.
58 HB1052 relative to the number of rounds of ammunition allowed for hunting regardless of firearm capacity.
59 HB1069 (New Title) relative to the election of village district commissioners.
60 HB1085 relative to ignition lock requirements.
61 HB1102 relative to certain committees and commissions of the department of state.
62 HB1157 relative to electronic ballot counting devices.
63 HB1164 revising the agriculture in the classroom committee.
64 HB1182 relative to the board of court reporters.
65 HB1192 (New Title) relative to the board of acupuncture licensing and relative to the qualifications for licensure as an acupuncturist.
66 HB1202 relative to transportation of pupils to school activities by a contract carrier.
67 HB1206 relative to the source of funding for appointment of counsel or other services for indigent persons.
68 HB1235 relative to compensation paid to a crime victim.
69 HB1239 relative to habitual offender hearings.
70 HB1341 relative to the definition of conviction in motor vehicle laws.
71 HB1344 relative to the authority of real estate brokers.
72 HB1446 relative to the governing board of recreational therapists and relative to the governing board of respiratory care practitioners.
73 HB1457 relative to chain of custody of ballot boxes after an election.
74 HB1488 expanding the prohibition against discrimination based on an individual's election not to participate in the state vaccine registry.
75 HB1491 relative to natural gas transmission pipeline safety.
76 HB1497 relative to optional allowances in the retirement system.
77 HB1505 establishing concurrent jurisdiction in juvenile matters with the U.S. Department of Defense for coordination with the military family advocacy program.
78 HB1527 (New Title) relative to vote returns.
79 HB1528 (New Title) establishing a public boat access donation program for operators of non-motorized boats.
80 HB1530 (New Title) establishing curricular transfer pathways between the community college system of New Hampshire and the university system of New Hampshire.
81 HB1534 authorizing the use of side exhausts for antique vehicles.
82 HB1577 relative to exemptions from prosecution for victims of human trafficking.
83 HB1608 (New Title) relative to withdrawal from the state immunization registry.
84 HB1622 (New Title) relative to notice that a health care provider is no longer accepting new patients and relative to mental health parity.
85 HB1659 relative to criminal history background checks for certain health care workers.
86 HB1673 (New Title) relative to certain provisions of the fetal life protection act requiring an ultrasound examination.
87 SB0201 relative to naming a bridge in the town of Rumney and a bridge in the town of Center Harbor.
88 SB0223 relative to requirements for recovery houses.
89 SB0260 relative to search and rescue teams activated by fish and game.
90 SB0279 establishing a study committee on harm reduction and overdose prevention programs.
91 SB0284 relative to the treatment of glaucoma.
92 SB0306 relative to the penalties for various motor vehicle violations.
93 SB0348 relative to political expenditures and contributions.
94 SB0356 relative to medical benefits payments by state retirees.
95 SB0380 relative to solid waste rules and landfill containment tests.
96 SB0391 relative to the operation of a state forensic psychiatric hospital.
97 SB0396 relative to solid waste management.
98 SB0414 (New Title) relative to the definition of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.
99 SB0423 relative to a closed loop referral system in the department of health and human services.
100 SB0439 relative to the brain and spinal cord injury advisory council and community-based support program.
101 SB0460 relative to salaries for employee positions approved by the joint committee on employee classification.
102 HB0536 relative to death benefits for public works employees killed in the line of duty, and relative to workers' compensation offsets for certain retirement system benefits.
103 HB1001 authorizing the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains to issue decals for multi-use decal plates.
104 HB1018 relative to the board of medical imaging and radiation therapy.
105 HB1048 relative to minimum nonforfeiture amounts under the standard nonforfeiture law for individual deferred annuities.
106 HB1118 relative to the determination of parental rights and responsibilities following the death of a child's parent or guardian.
107 HB1205 allowing the department of environmental services to have access to enhanced 911 information.
108 HB1220 prohibiting the docking of houseboats on Perkins Pond in Sunapee.
109 HB1236 relative to the legislative oversight committee for the education improvement and assessment program.
110 HB1244 relative to parental consent to medical and dental treatments of children in schools.
111 HB1249 relative to weights and measures.
112 HB1263 (New Title) relative to prescribed studies on health, physical education, wellness, and personal finance literacy in schools.
113 HB1285 relative to the multi-use energy data platform.
114 HB1303 relative to causes for absolute divorce.
115 HB1331 relative to power line maintenance and construction.
116 HB1367 relative to civics instruction in schools.
117 HB1475 relative to the enforcement authority of liquor enforcement officers.
118 HB1493 relative to the drug forfeiture fund.
119 HB1609 (NEW TITLE) relative to certain provisions of the fetal life protection act requiring an ultrasound examination.
120 HB1613 (New Title) relative to certain liquor manufacturers.
121 HB1667 relative to the standard and optional veterans' tax credits and the all veterans' tax credit.
122 HB1677 relative to the administration and settlement of claims of abuse at the youth development center and making an appropriation therefor.
123 SB0053 (New Title) relative to confidentiality of department of revenue administration records.
124 SB0210 relative to the sale of manufactured housing parks.
125 SB0220 relative to establishing a committee to study licensure of mental health professionals.
126 SB0225 relative to the bond required of applicants for auctioneer licenses.
127 SB0239 relative to noncompliance with municipal audit requirements.
128 SB0256 establishing a committee to study the feasibility of replacing the site evaluation committee.
129 SB0265 relative to the aggregation of electric customers by counties.
130 SB0268 relative to the approval of power purchase agreements for offshore wind energy resources from the Gulf of Maine.
131 HB1663 relative to requirements for home education students.
132 SB0277 relative to emergency or temporary health care licenses.
133 HB0314 relative to homestead food operation licensure.
134 HB1163 relative to over voted ballots.
135 HB1230 permitting online presentation of deer for registration.
136 HB1246 relative to interlock devices.
137 HB1270 (New Title) repealing the legislative oversight committee to monitor the transformation of delivery of electric services.
138 HB1288 (New Title) relative to the terms for certain officers and the names, duties, and funds of certain divisions within the department of administrative services.
139 HB1462 relative to motorcycle learner's permits.
140 HB1614 requiring the recording and storing of digital video in all state-funded juvenile detention facilities.
141 SB0205 relative to the insurance department administration fund.
142 SB0206 relative to consumer guaranty contracts.
143 SB0207 relative to administrative fee credit for insurance company external review.
144 SB0208 relative to life insurance.
145 SB0212 relative to liquor manufacturers.
146 SB0221 relative to the internal organization of the department of corrections.
147 SB0226 establishing a recruitment and retention program for state employment.
148 SB0228 (New Title) relative to the regulation and practice of physician assistants.
149 SB0233 relative to water bottle filling stations in schools.
150 SB0236 (New Title) establishing a committee to study New Hampshire teacher shortages and recruitment incentives, and relative to defining secondary school grades for teacher loan forgiveness programs.
151 SB0251 relative to the advisory board of a tax increment financing district.
152 SB0261 relative to net metering participation.
153 SB0267 establishing the upland invasive species program, program fund, and program coordinator in the department of agriculture, markets, and food.
154 SB0272 establishing a committee to study the oversight and operation of the public deposit investment pool.
155 SB0275 (New Title) relative to the opioid abatement trust fund and advisory commission.
156 SB0276 relative to the reporting requirements for the regenerative manufacturing workforce development program.
157 SB0278 (New Title) relative to funding for the Piscataqua River turning basin project in the port authority in the Pease development authority.
158 SB0283 relative to membership of the council on autism spectrum disorders and the developmental services quality council.
159 SB0288 (New Title) establishing a committee to study the listing of immunizations for children.
160 SB0297 relative to obtaining out-of-state discovery and testimony.
161 SB0303 (Second New Title) relative to the reimbursement of sheriffs offices for prisoner custody and control.
162 SB0305 relative to the operation of personal water craft in marked channels from Hampton Falls to Hampton Harbor.
163 SB0312 relative to adjusted assessments of taxable property.
164 SB0317 reducing the interest rate for abatements of paid property taxes.
165 SB0318 extending the hours in which games of chance may be conducted.
166 SB0325 relative to local organization for emergency management and first responders.
167 SB0334 (New Title) establishing a committee to study property blight in New Hampshire cities and towns.
168 SB0335 relative to collaborative pharmacy practice agreements.
169 SB0337 relative to emergency medical and trauma services data sharing to the purposes of analysis.
170 SB0352 relative to substitute teacher criminal history records check.
171 SB0363 relative to service credit for certain group II retirement eligibility.
172 SB0371 making an appropriation to the lead paint hazard remediation fund.
173 SB0375 relative to requirements for charitable organizations.
174 SB0382 (New Title) relative to licensure requirements for telehealth services and relative to licensure of physicians and physicians assistants through reciprocity agreements.
175 SB0386 relative to the determination of state adequate education grants and chartered public school tuition amounts.
176 SB0429 relative to the site evaluation committee.
177 SB0440 (New Title) relative to the office of offshore wind industry development.
178 SB0442 relative to the suspension of a vehicle registration as a result of evading toll collection systems.
179 SB0446 (New Title) directing the department of health and human services to develop a plan relative to fostering sustainable childcare opportunities for working families and businesses.
180 SB0454 establishing a committee to study the information collected by the division of vital records administration as part of the live birth worksheet.
181 SB0346 (New Title) relative to a feasibility and impact study for the construction of a pier on Hampton Beach.
182 HB1319 relative to granting certain corrections personnel death benefits if killed in the line of duty.
183 SB0273 relative to broadband infrastructure funding.
184 HB1587 relative to determination of average final compensation under the retirement system and making an appropriation therefor.
185 HB1097 relative to taxation of income of New Hampshire residents when working remotely for an out of state employer.
186 HB1103 relative to certain assets in a divorce proceeding.
187 HB1125 relative to school emergency plans.
188 HB1168 (New Title) establishes a committee to study the New Hampshire law relative to soil conditioners and relative to costs eligible for reimbursement from the oil discharge and disposal cleanup fund.
189 HB1221 (Third New Title) relative to the rate of the business profits tax, and relative to payment by the state to political subdivisions of an amount equal to a portion of retirement system contributions of political subdivision employers.
190 HB1277 relative to the reporting of cybersecurity incidents.
191 HB1318 relative to penalties for employer noncompliance with retirement system requirements.
192 HB1320 relative to public exposure of deceased human bodies.
193 HB1339 relative to the Winnipesaukee River basin control replacement fund.
194 HB1343 allowing limited legal services to be provided by certain paraprofessionals.
195 HB1381 relative to student school board members.
196 HB1388 relative to the unsolicited disclosure of an intimate image.
197 HB1390 relative to access to language translation services in telemedicine.
198 HB1398 establishing a committee to study the feasibility of centralized criminal history records checks in education.
199 HB1420 prohibiting the issuance of new landfill permits until the state's solid waste plan is updated.
200 HB1469 (Second New Title) establishing a committee to study the need for anti-discrimination legislation in the New Hampshire financial services industry.
201 HB1496 (New Title) requiring political subdivisions to make voter checklists available in electronic form to any resident.
202 HB1507 requiring childcare investigatory findings to be timely published.
203 HB1535 (New Title) relative to a one-time allowance for certain state retirees.
204 HB1546 (Second New Title) enabling the commissioner of the department of environmental services to adopt rules relative to airborne PFAS in certain circumstances.
205 HB1548 relating to the sale of the Lakes Region Facility.
206 HB1554 (Second New Title) relative to online payment of fees relating to the operation of off highway recreational vehicles and snowmobiles, and relative to grants administered by the bureau of trails for OHRV trail development and maintenance.
207 HB1579 relative to landowner liability on land authorized for outdoor recreational activities.
208 HB1584 establishing a capital improvement grant program for the benefit of state fairs and agricultural fairs.
209 HB1594 relative to assistance to certain students with disabilities in registering to vote.
210 HB1636 relative to prohibitions on carrying a loaded firearm on an OHRV or snowmobile.
211 SB0204 relative to the definition of "covered claim" for purposes of the New Hampshire insurance guaranty association act.
212 SB0242 relative to the disqualification of certain persons from performing the duties of an election official.
213 SB0282 (New Title) relative to the board of acupuncture licensing and relative to the qualifications for licensure as an acupuncturist.
214 SB0285 relative to discount medical plan organizations.
215 SB0289 (New Title) relative to glucagon administration and relative to the dispenser report under the controlled drug prescription health and safety program.
216 SB0309 authorizing certain organizations to issue decal plates.
217 SB0316 relative to lucky 7 licenses.
218 SB0321 relative to the purchase of output of limited electrical energy producers in intrastate commerce and including qualifying storage systems.
219 SB0330 (New Title) establishing a committee to study and make recommendations relative to the office of professional licensure and certification and the licensure of professions under boards, councils, and commissions within the office and relative to the expiration of terms of the board of foresters members.
220 SB0336 relative to family mediator interns.
221 SB0345 relative to youth employment.
222 SB0350 relative to rulemaking by the state board of education on educational personnel applicant checks and licensing standards.
223 SB0354 relative to insurance adjuster licensing, insurance producer licensing fees, and the sale of credit life and credit accident and health insurance policies by banks.
224 SB0367 relative to the regulatory status of advanced recycling and manufacturing facilities.
225 SB0368 (New Title) establishing the agricultural hearings officer revolving fund and relative to penalties for unlawfully transferring dogs, cats, and ferrets.
226 SB0379 (New Title) establishing the solid waste management fund and grant program.
227 SB0383 relative to land surveying services.
228 SB0389 defining mobile service garages and relative to state vehicle inspections.
229 SB0393 relative to the use of restraints on pregnant women in the custody of a state or county correctional facility.
230 SB0394 (New Title) relative to the definition of a child with a disability under special education laws and providing funding for special education costs for students over age 21 to age 22.
231 SB0395 (New Title) establishing the wireless development initiative and the wireless deployment grant fund.
232 SB0398 (New Title) relative to the advisory committee to study the state building and fire codes.
233 SB0404 establishing a supplemental nutrition assistance program.
234 SB0405 (New Title) relative to fines and penalties for election law violations and relative to consequences resulting from election official misconduct.
235 SB0406 relative to driver's license reciprocity.
236 SB0409 relative to disaster relief loans.
237 SB0412 making an appropriation to the department of health and human services for nursing home reimbursement rates.
238 SB0416 relative to behavioral health assessment and treatment for children in out-of-home placements.
239 SB0418 relative to verification of voter affidavits.
240 SB0421 relative to dual and concurrent enrollment for career and technical education center students.
241 SB0435 relative to the net operating loss carryover under the business profits tax.
242 SB0443 relative to municipal authority regarding the state building code.
243 SB0444 relative to childhood adverse experiences treatment and prevention.
244 SB0450 relative to the prescription drug affordability board.
245 HB1258 (New Title) relative to the implementation of the department of energy and relative to the definition of "municipal host" for purposes of limited electrical energy producers.