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Administrative Rules


Office of Legislative Services
Administrative Rules
107 North Main Street
25 Capitol Street
Concord, NH 03301-6312

Tel. (603)271-3680
TDD Relay NH (800)735-2964
or dial 711 in NH

Michael A. Morrell
Administrative Rules Acting Director
Christina Muniz
Senior Committee Attorney
Kim Reeve
Committee Attorney
Rebecca Ricard
Committee Attorney
Diane O'Neil
Administrative Rules Coordinator
Cheryl Walsh
Administrative Assistant


Administrative Rules office can provide information about rules and RSA 541-A but cannot give legal advice to agencies or the public. The statements about statutes and rules on this web site are for informational purposes only.


The Office of Legislative Services, Administrative Rules is the New Hampshire state government office where all proposed and adopted administrative rules subject to RSA 541-A, the Administrative Procedure Act, must be filed by state executive branch agencies to make the adopted rules effective and therefore have the force of law. Together the effective agency rules comprise the New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules.

The Administrative Rules Office also serves as the clerical and legal staff to the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR), a 10-member joint House and Senate committee which provides legislative oversight for the rulemaking process and the rules proposed and adopted by executive branch agencies pursuant to RSA 541-A. The JLCAR may make final objections to a rule, which shifts the burden of proof to the agency pursuant to RSA 541-A:13 VI on the lawfulness of the rule in a court challenge or court enforcement action of the rule. The JLCAR may also vote to sponsor a joint resolution to a rule, which delays its adoption for a limited time in order for the legislature to consider the joint resolution pursuant to RSA 541-A:13, VII. Only legislative action on the joint resolution may stop adoption of a rule permanently.