The Wetlands Council was established effective 8-9-96 pursuant to 1996, 296:35.  The Council has its own rulemaking authority pursuant to RSA 21-O:5-a, VII separate from the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Services.  Pursuant to RSA 21-O:5-a, V, the Council "shall hear and decide all appeals from department decisions relative to the functions and responsibilities of the department which relate to wetlands, in accordance with rules adopted by the council."  The rules of the Wetlands Council were originally organized under the rule prefix title “Env-WtC” until the title was changed to “Ec-Wet” in Document #13305, effective 12-15-21, as noted below.


#6652-A*   Adopt Env-WtC 100 Definitions, Organizational and Public Information (eff 12-12-97) DO NOT EXPIRE


#6652-B*   Adopt Env-WtC 200 Practice and Procedures (eff 12-12-97)


#8533*      Readopt w/amd Env-WtC 100 Wetlands Council Definitions, Organization, and Public Information (eff 12-30-05) DO NOT EXPIRE


#8534*      Readopt w/amd Env-WtC 200 Wetlands Council Practice and Procedure (eff 12-30-05) DO NOT EXPIRE


#8615        DECLARATORY RULING - Env-WtC 209 Laconia Regional Airport Prime Wetland Application (eff 4-25-06)


#9214        INTERIM RULE - Adopt, Repeal, Readopt w/Amend Env-WtC 100 & 200 various sections Wetlands Council Rule Amendments (eff 7-23-09) EXPIRES: 1-19-09


#9346*      Readopt Env-WtC 102.01, 102.13, & 103.02 Wetlands Council Organizational Rules Amendments (eff 12-10-08) DO NOT EXPIRE


#9347*      Adopt, Amend, Readopt, Readopt w/Amend Env-WtC 201-207 various sections & paras. Wetlands Council Procedural Rules Amendments (eff 12-10-08) DO NOT EXPIRE


#13305      Adopt Ec-Wet 100-200 Definitions, Organization, and Public Information; Procedural Rules (eff 12-15-21) DO NOT EXPIRE


NOTE:  Document #13305, effective 12-15-21, readopted with amendments former Chapter Env-WtC 100 on organizational rules and Chapter Env-WtC 200 on practice and procedure rules of the Wetlands Council and renumbered the chapters as Chapter Ec-Wet 100 and Chapter Ec-Wet 200, respectively, pursuant to a rules redesignation plan for the Council’s rules approved by the Director of the Office of Legislative Services in 2021 to denote environmental appellate councils.  Document #13305 replaces all prior filings for the former Chapter Env-WtC 100 and former Chapter Env-WtC 200.