Section 403-C:1

    403-C:1 Report. –
I. Every insurer domiciled in this state shall file a report with the commissioner disclosing material acquisitions and dispositions of assets or material nonrenewals, cancellations, or revisions of ceded reinsurance agreements unless such acquisitions and dispositions of assets or material nonrenewals, cancellations or revisions of ceded reinsurance agreements have been submitted to the commissioner for review, approval, or information purposes pursuant to other provisions of the insurance code, laws, rules, or other requirements.
II. The report required in paragraph I is due within 15 days after the end of the calendar month in which any of the transactions specified in paragraph I occurs.
III. One complete copy of the report, including any exhibits or other attachments, shall be filed with:
(a) The insurance department of the insurer's state of domicile; and
(b) The National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
IV. All reports obtained by or disclosed to the commissioner pursuant to this chapter shall be given confidential treatment and shall not be subject to subpoena and shall not be made public by the commissioner, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, or any other person, except to insurance departments of other states, without the prior written consent of the insurer to which it pertains unless the commissioner, after giving the insurer who would be affected notice and an opportunity to be heard, determines that the interest of policyholders, shareholders, or the public will be served by the publication, in which event the commissioner may publish all or any part in the manner the commissioner may deem appropriate.

Source. 1995, 146:1, eff. Jan. 1, 1996.