Section 402-O:3

    402-O:3 Marketing Requirements for Sale of Self-Service Storage Insurance. –
I. An owner shall not offer or sell insurance under this section unless:
(a) The owner provides to the renter written notice that:
(1) Summarizes the material terms of insurance coverage offered to renters, including the identity of the insurer, premium amount, benefits, exclusions, and conditions.
(2) Discloses that the policies offered by the owner may provide a duplication of coverage already provided by a renter's homeowner's insurance policy, residential renter's insurance policy, vehicle insurance policy, watercraft insurance policy, or other source of property insurance coverage and that no liability coverage is provided by the insurance coverage. This disclosure shall be displayed prominently in 12-point type or capital letters and shall read as follows:
Your renters' or homeowners' policy may provide the insurance you need. Check with your insurance agent to determine if your personal property stored at a location other than your home or business is covered.
(3) States that if insurance is required as a condition of rental, the requirement may be satisfied by the renter purchasing the insurance described in this section or by presenting evidence of other applicable insurance coverage.
(4) Describes the process for filing a claim.
(b) All costs related to the insurance are stated in writing.
(c) Evidence of coverage in a form developed by the insurer or supervising entity is provided to every renter who purchases the coverage.
(d) The insurance is provided by an insurer authorized to transact the applicable kinds of insurance in this state.
II. Self-service storage insurance may be offered on a month-to-month or other periodic basis under an individual policy or a group or master commercial policy coverage with limits not exceeding $10,000 in aggregate. All self-service storage insurance policy forms, endorsements, and other contract language shall be submitted pursuant to RSA 412:5, II. RSA 412:5, VI shall not apply to self-service storage insurance regardless of the type of insurance.

Source. 2021, 119:2, Pt. III, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 2022.