Section 400-B:8

    400-B:8 Format of Records. –
I. Any record required to be maintained by an insurer may be created and stored in the form of paper, photograph, magnetic, mechanical, or electronic medium; or any process that accurately forms a durable reproduction of the record, so long as the record is capable of duplication to a hard copy that is as legible as the original document. Documents that are produced and sent to an insured by use of a template and an electronic mail list shall be considered to be sufficiently reproduced if the insurer can provide proof of mailing of the document and a copy of the template. Documents that require the signature of the insured or insurer's producer shall be maintained in any format listed in this chapter; provided, that evidence of the signature is preserved in that format.
II. The maintenance of records in a computer-based format shall be archival in nature, to preclude the alteration of the record after the initial transfer to a computer format. Upon request of an examiner, all records shall be capable of duplication to a hard copy that is as legible as the original document. The records shall be maintained according to written procedures developed and adhered to by the insurer. The written procedures shall be made available to the commissioner during an examination.
III. Photographs, microfilms, or other image-processing reproductions of records shall be equivalent to the originals and may be certified as the same in actions or proceedings before the commissioner unless inconsistent with RSA 541-A.

Source. 2005, 221:1, eff. Sept. 3, 2005.