Section 400-B:10

    400-B:10 Time Limits to Provide Records and to Respond to Examiners. –
I. Initial data requests shall be submitted to a company at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the on-site examination, desk audit, or other form of review to provide ample time for the company to prepare the materials requested by the examining state. Paragraphs II and III shall apply to requests for supplemental data and information not anticipated at the time of the initial request as specified herein.
II. As a means to facilitate the examination and to aid in the examination in accordance with RSA 400-A:37, an insurer shall provide any requested document or written response to an inquiry submitted by an examiner within 10 working days, or such other time period as mutually agreed upon by the examiner and the insurer. When the requested document or response is not produced by the insurer within the specified time period, a violation shall be deemed to have occurred unless the insurer can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the commissioner that the requested record cannot reasonably be provided within the specified time period of the request.
III. Additional records requested by the commissioner shall be made available for the examination upon the date specified by the examiner-in-charge.

Source. 2005, 221:1, eff. Sept. 3, 2005.