Lucky 7

Section 287-E:21

    287-E:21 Sale of Lucky 7 Tickets. –
I. Only bona fide members of a charitable organization licensed under this subdivision shall sell lucky 7 tickets, except that salaried employees, as defined in rules adopted by the commission, of a licensed veterans or fraternal organization may sell lucky 7 tickets only on the premises of such organization, provided such employees comply with all laws and rules relating to the sale of lucky 7 tickets. Proof of membership may be required by the commission.
II. Lucky 7 tickets may only be sold at the location specified in the license issued by the commission, which shall include either:
(a) The regular meeting place of or a facility owned, leased or utilized by the charitable organization for its activities;
(b) Any other location where the sale of lucky 7 tickets is conducted in conjunction with and at the same time as an event sponsored or co-sponsored by the charitable organization, to be held once a year, and will be held for no more than 4 consecutive days; or
(c) Lucky 7 tickets sold in conjunction with bingo games may be sold between the hours of 12 p.m. and 1 a.m. on any licensed game date.
III. No charitable organization shall conduct door-to-door sales of lucky 7 tickets.
III-a. Lucky 7 tickets may be sold by dispenser devices approved by the commission and located at the regular meeting place of, or at a facility owned, leased, or utilized by, the licensee for its activities, provided that such device dispenses a paper or cardboard ticket and specifications for such dispenser device are contained in the rules of the commission. Any permitted lucky 7 device shall not be in the nature of a slot machine and the outcome of any wager involving a permitted lucky 7 device shall be determined by the cardboard or paper ticket, or the video monitor when so equipped. Devices capable of displaying the outcome on a video monitor shall provide the player with the option of printing a paper ticket.
IV. No compensation shall be paid to bona fide members of a charitable organization who sell or assist in the sale of lucky 7 tickets. Compensation shall include, but is not necessarily limited to, money or any other thing of value. Members of the charitable organization who sell lucky 7 tickets may be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses in an amount not to exceed $8 per day, provided that such expenses are itemized and submitted in writing to the charitable organization.
V. No lucky 7 tickets shall be sold to any person under 18 years of age.

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