Access to Personnel Files

Section 275:56

    275:56 Employee Access to Personnel Files. –
I. Except as provided in paragraph III, every employer shall provide a reasonable opportunity for any employee who so requests to inspect such employee's personnel file and further, upon request, provide such employee with a copy of all or part of such file. An employer may only charge the employee a fee reasonably related to the cost of supplying the requested documents.
II. If, upon inspection of his personnel file, an employee disagrees with any of the information contained in such file, and the employee and employer cannot agree upon removal or correction of such information, then the employee may submit a written statement explaining his version of the information together with evidence supporting such version. Such statement shall be maintained as part of the employee's personnel file and shall be included in any transmittal of the file to a third party and shall be included in any disclosure of the contested information made to a third party.
III. The provisions of this section shall not require the disclosure of:
(a) Information in the personnel file of a requesting employee who is the subject of an investigation at the time of his request if disclosure of such information would prejudice law enforcement; or
(b) Information relating to a government security investigation.
IV. Health, fitness, lifestyle, and other information obtained from employees by their employer or the employer's agents for purposes of providing employees with a health risk assessment or other wellness program shall not be considered personnel records, shall not be retained in an employee personnel file, and shall be inadmissible in any proceedings under RSA 281-A.

Source. 1983, 408:1. 2007, 263:159, eff. July 1, 2007.