Scenic and Cultural Byways System

Section 238:20

    238:20 Establishment of Scenic and Cultural Byways Council. –
I. The scenic and cultural byways council shall consist of the following 15 members:
(a) Nine members appointed by the governor including one person representing regional planning, 3 persons representing municipalities, one person representing tourist and recreation interests, one person representing forests and lands, one person representing the utilities, one person representing the Outdoor Advertising Association of New Hampshire and one person representing the highway construction industry.
(b) The commissioner of the department of transportation, or designee.
(c) The commissioner of the department of business and economic affairs, or designee.
(d) The director of the office of planning and development, or designee.
(e) The director of the division of historical resources, department of natural and cultural resources, or designee.
(f) One member of the house, appointed by the speaker of the house.
(g) One member of the senate, appointed by the senate president.
II. The terms of the members appointed by the governor shall be for 3 years, except that he shall appoint the initial members for terms of one, 2 and 3 years.
III. The council shall choose its chairman annually from among its members. The chair shall serve for no more than 2 consecutive one-year terms.
IV. Except as provided in this section, no state employee or member of any state commission, federal employee, or member of any federal commission shall be eligible for membership on the council.

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