Section 231-A:3

    231-A:3 Reclassification of Trails as Highways. –
I. Any class A or class B trail which was previously a class V or class VI highway may be reclassified pursuant to RSA 231:22-a as a class V or class VI highway, and any class B trail may be reclassified as a class A trail, by vote of the local legislative body.
II. No reclassification under this section shall entitle any party to damages.
III. The reclassification of any trail to a class V highway may be made subject to conditions, as in the case of reclassifying as a class VI highway pursuant to RSA 231:22-a.
IV. No trail established by acquisition under RSA 231-A:5 shall be reclassified under this section if such reclassification would violate a use restriction or other provision imposed by deed at the time of acquisition.

Source. 1993, 60:2, eff. Jan. 1, 1994.