Section 231-A:2

    231-A:2 Reclassification of Highways; Damages. –
I. Any class V or VI highway may be reclassified as a class A or class B trail, and any class A trail may be reclassified as a class B trail, by vote of the local legislative body.
II. In accordance with RSA 231:43, no highway of any class which provides the sole access to any land shall be reclassified as a class B trail without the written consent of the owner of that land.
III. Whenever a reclassification is made under this section, any aggrieved landowner may appeal, or may petition for the assessment of damages, in the same manner as in the discontinuance of highways pursuant to RSA 231:48 and 231:49, and the amount of damages, if any, shall reflect the landowner use provisions set forth in RSA 231-A:1.

Source. 1993, 60:2, eff. Jan. 1, 1994.