Limited Access Highways

Section 230:45

    230:45 Occasion for Layout; Layout. – The governor, with the advice of the council, on the governor's own motion or a special committee of 3 persons appointed by the governor and council for the purpose, may determine, upon hearing, whether there is occasion for the laying out or alteration of a limited access facility including service roads as proposed by the commissioner of transportation; and, if so, the commissioner may purchase land or other property as proposed and shall lay out the remainder of such facility, service roads, or alteration thereof. The commissioner may acquire private or public property and property rights for such facility and service roads, including rights of access, air, view, and light, by gift, devise, purchase, or condemnation in the same manner as provided for acquiring property for class I highways. Property rights acquired under the provisions of this section may be in fee simple or in the form of easements, including property acquired by condemnation proceedings. The commissioner, in his or her discretion, may acquire an entire lot, block, or tract of land if, by so doing, the interests of the public will be best served even though the entire lot, block, or tract is not immediately needed for the right-of-way proper. The commissioner of transportation, with the approval of the governor and council, may sell, convey, transfer, or lease any surplus property, real or personal, at public or private sale.

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