Section 228:4-a

    228:4-a Competitive Bidding. –
No project subject to the competitive bidding requirements of RSA 228:4 shall be awarded to any independent contractor except:
I. If the commissioner decides that the bid of the lowest bidder should be accepted, he or she shall prepare a contract of acceptance of the lowest bid within 60 days from the opening of bids. He or she shall execute the contract in the name of the state. After the contract is executed by the lowest bidder, the form of it approved by the attorney general, and the availability of funds approved by the commissioner of administrative services, he or she shall transmit the contract to the governor and council. Upon approval by the governor and council, it shall become a valid contract of the state.
II. The state reserves the right to reject any and all bids or to negotiate with the lowest responsible bidder.
III. If the commissioner decides that for just cause shown the lowest bid submitted should be rejected, he or she shall promptly transmit to the governor and council the recommendation for rejection including reasons. The governor and council shall review the recommendation and any other facts available to them, and make such determination as in their judgment shall be for the best interest of the state. They shall require a public hearing upon request of any bidder or on their own motion to fully establish such facts. Their determination shall be entered upon the records of the secretary of state.
IV. If not more than one bid is received on any state project advertised for contract construction, the commissioner may negotiate a contract for such construction upon terms which he or she may deem most advantageous to the state, subject to the approval of the governor and council. For projects built with federal aid, if any provision of this section is inconsistent with the requirements of applicable federal law and regulations, the latter shall control.

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