Commissioner, Deputy and Assistant Commissioners

Section 228:25

    228:25 Addition to Fund. –
I. There is hereby established an inventory fund in the department of safety consisting of the initial appropriation of $1,000,000 which sum is hereby authorized as a revolving fund comprised of funds in the highway fund that are not otherwise appropriated and into which shall be deposited additional revenues derived from the number plate manufacturing fee established in this paragraph. The fund shall be nonlapsing and continually appropriated to the department. The prison shall purchase such raw materials as may be required and agreed to by the commissioner of safety in order for the commissioner of safety to issue fully reflectorized motor vehicle number plates. This purchase shall be a charge against the inventory fund and the prison shall be responsible for the control and accountability of the raw materials so charged. Said number plates shall be manufactured at the state prison. The prison shall be furnished out of said inventory account the raw materials necessary to manufacture said plates and upon receipt of the finished plates by the department of safety shall be reimbursed for their direct and indirect costs. The commissioner of safety shall, biennially, request the commissioner of administrative services to review and approve said cost rates. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the commissioner of safety shall charge, in addition to the regular motor vehicle registration fee, a number plate manufacturing fee of $4.00 per plate at the time of issuing said reflectorized motor vehicle number plates or replacement reflectorized number plates. Said additional charge shall not give the registrant any title or other property interest in said plates. The commissioner of safety or assistant commissioner may request from time to time delivery of the number plates from the prison and shall reimburse the inventory fund by a transfer from revenue. At least 6 months prior to subsequent general issue, a transfer from revenue shall be made for all remaining finished plates in inventory. The commissioner of safety shall report to the governor, the president of the senate, and the speaker of the house of representatives, no later than 90 days after the close of the second fiscal year of each biennium, the year ending balance in the inventory fund and the department's recommendation as to when the next general issue of number plates should commence, the estimated cost of such a general issue, and the estimated annual cost to support routine plate issue and replacement without a new general issue.
II. [Repealed.]
III. In accordance with the provisions of paragraph I, replacement plates may be purchased from the inventory fund.
IV. If the state prison shop is unable to manufacture or deliver reflectorized motor vehicle plates in a timely manner because of an emergency interruption resulting from a riot or other unforeseen cause, as determined by the commissioner of corrections or the commissioner of safety, the commissioners shall submit a written report to the governor and council and shall request that an outside vendor be retained to manufacture said plates. If at any time the commissioner of safety or the commissioner of corrections determines that the prison cannot produce number plates at a competitive price or meet reasonable delivery schedules, the commissioner of safety shall report to the fiscal committee of the general court and the governor and council, and shall request that an outside vendor be retained to manufacture the plates. Upon approval of the governor and council, the commissioner of safety shall request the department of administrative services, division of procurement and support services to select an outside vendor in accordance with RSA 8:19.
V. The commissioner of safety, with approval of the governor, may charge the necessary expenses for the manufacture, storage, handling, issuance, and distribution of reflectorized motor vehicle number plates against the inventory fund provided under this section.

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