Commissioner, Deputy and Assistant Commissioners

Section 228:24-a

    228:24-a Motor Fuel Inventory. –
I. The commissioner of transportation may purchase, through the department of administrative services, division of procurement and support services, such amounts of motor fuels as may be necessary for the operation of an automated state fleet fuel distribution and records management system. The commissioner is further authorized to sell motor fuel from the motor fuel inventory to all departments and institutions of the state, political subdivisions of the state, eligible nonprofit corporations operating transportation under contract with the department of transportation for elderly or disabled persons, or for the general public and agencies of the federal government. The commissioner is authorized to assess a fair and equitable charge with respect to the sale of motor fuel sufficient to defray all administrative, transportation, storage, amortization, and other costs incurred by the department in administering this account.
II. The commissioner shall only purchase diesel fuel that contains at least 5 percent biodiesel, as defined in RSA 362-A:1-a, I-b, except if such fuel is unavailable or is more costly than 100 percent petroleum diesel, in which case such purchase shall be at the discretion of the commissioner. The commissioner, when using such discretion, shall consider at a minimum any savings related to equipment maintenance and longevity that may result from biodiesel use. The commissioner is encouraged to purchase diesel fuels containing up to 20 percent biodiesel when such fuels are compatible with the vehicles served at given fuel depots. Any biodiesel blend purchased by the commissioner shall be made available as provided for in paragraph I.

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