Public-Private Partnership Projects

Section 228:112

    228:112 Project Reports. –
I. For each request to establish a public-private partnership contract for design-build-finance-operate-maintain or design-build-operate-maintain services, the commission shall report on issues surrounding the project including, but not limited to:
(a) The impact on current state employees.
(b) The policy and regulatory structure for overseeing a privately operated transportation facility and ongoing legislative oversight.
(c) Issues of taxation, profit-sharing, and resolution of new revenue producing ideas.
(d) Advertising and marketing.
(e) Use of new technologies.
(f) Lease terms and termination clauses.
(g) Additional responsibilities by both the private infrastructure operator and the state during the lease period.
(h) The financial valuation of the state transportation facility.
(i) Issues of public concern.
(j) The anticipated advantages of entering into the anticipated public-private agreement for design-build-finance-operate-maintain or design-build-operate-maintain services.
II. The report shall be delivered within 30 days of the commission's recommendation concerning the use of design-build-finance-operate-maintain or design-build-operate-maintain services to the chairpersons of the public works and highways committee and the senate transportation committee and the governor and council.

Source. 2016, 276:3, eff. Aug. 15, 2016.