Black Bear

Section 208:24

    208:24 Black Bear Management Program. –
I. The wild black bear has played a vital role in the development and history of the state and is recognized as a valuable game and wildlife resource. It is recognized that bears should be accorded such protection as is necessary to maintain and enhance their numbers.
II. No person shall take wild black bears in this state without first procuring a bear license and tag in addition to the applicable license to hunt issued pursuant to RSA 214 or RSA 208:5. The cost of the bear license and tag, for both residents and nonresidents, shall be set by the executive director pursuant to RSA 206:10, I.
III. The bear license and tag shall be in such form as determined by the executive director in rules adopted under RSA 541-A. The holder of a bear license and tag shall, upon killing a bear, fill out and securely attach to the bear's ear the bear tag bearing the name and address of the licensee and other information that the executive director determines to be appropriate. The bear tag shall remain attached to the bear as long as the bear carcass remains in the state. Only the bear tag issued to the licensee who killed the bear shall be attached to that bear. No person shall possess a bear tag that was not issued to that person. No person shall attach a bear tag to a bear the person did not kill.
III-a. A bear license shall not constitute satisfactory proof that the holder of such license previously had a hunting license issued to the holder in this state, or any other state, province or country as required under RSA 214:23-a.
IV. [Repealed.]
V. Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

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