Moose, Caribou, Elk, Mountain Lion, Canadian Lynx, Coyote

Section 208:1-a

    208:1-a Moose. –
I. No person shall hunt, take, or possess any moose or any part of the carcass of a moose taken in this state without first obtaining a valid license for such activities from the department of fish and game. The executive director of fish and game, with the consent of the commission, may establish, by rules adopted under RSA 541-A, a hunting season for moose in any county of the state, or any portion thereof. Such rules shall include, but not be limited to, the mode by which moose may be taken; the length of the season; requirements for reporting by hunters; sex limitations; and total take in any one year. The rules shall require that no moose shall be taken with rimfire firearms or with shotguns using shot loads including buckshot, and that in towns restricting weapon types for deer pursuant to RSA 207:3-b, 208:3, 208:3-a, 208:3-b, and 208:3-c, only weapon types allowed for deer shall be permitted for the taking of moose.
II. The executive director, with the consent of the commission, shall also adopt rules under RSA 541-A to regulate the issuance of licenses or permits, including the establishment of a lottery for awarding of permits to applicants, and to set fees for applications, licenses, or permits for both resident and nonresident applicants, provided the fee for nonresident permits shall be at least $450.
II-a. Any permit lottery established under paragraph II shall include a bonus point system as a weighing factor to benefit applicants not drawn in the annual moose permit lottery. Beginning with the 2004 lottery, the moose permit lottery shall allow a person to accumulate one point for each consecutive year that person legally purchases an application for a permit but is not selected to receive a permit. Each point entitles that applicant to one chance in the lottery. A person's accumulated points shall be non-transferable and shall be forfeited if, in any year, that person is selected to receive a permit or that person fails to purchase a new chance.
III. [Repealed.]
IV. [Repealed.]

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