New Hampshire Automated Information System

Section 201-A:22

    201-A:22 New Hampshire Automated Information System. –
I. There shall be a section as part of the state library operated by the division of libraries in the department of natural and cultural resources. The network services section shall oversee the functioning and maintenance of the system.
II. The system shall consist of an integrated automated data processing and information retrieval system, regional systems, and an integrated statewide information network. The information network shall include public, academic, school, and special libraries, organizations, and government departments, agencies, and their subdivisions. The system shall include the following elements and operations as rapidly as funds and circumstances permit:
(a) General and governmental reference and research capabilities.
(b) Unique indexing and retrieval capabilities for New Hampshire state documents.
(c) A union catalog of statewide library holdings.
(d) A directory of information concerning state agencies and their services.
(e) Cataloging, electronic mail, and electronic interlibrary functions for the libraries included in the information network.
(f) Any other operation considered desirable, necessary or feasible.

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