School Building Aid

Section 198:15-a

    198:15-a Grant for School Construction. –
I. To aid local school districts in meeting the costs of school buildings, the department of education shall, from funds appropriated by the general court to carry out the provisions of this subdivision, pay to the school districts of the state, sums in accordance with the provisions of this subdivision or the alternative school building aid provisions under RSA 198:15-u through RSA 198:15-w.
II. Beginning with construction authorized by a local school district on or after July 1, 2013, office facilities for school administrative units and the purchase or lease-purchase of temporary space for any purpose, including but not limited to modulars, trailers, or other similar structures to be used as classroom, office, or storage space shall not be eligible for school building aid grants.
III. Facilities constructed using school building aid grants shall be used as instructional facilities for kindergarten through grade 12 for at least 20 years. A school district that discontinues the use of the facilities within 20 years shall be required to repay the state 100 percent of the state grant received. Upon a showing of good cause by the school district, the commissioner of the department of education may waive this penalty in whole or part on a case by case basis.
IV. Beginning July 1, 2013, and every fiscal year thereafter, school building aid grants for construction or renovation projects approved by the department of education shall not exceed $50,000,000 per fiscal year less any debt service payments owed in the fiscal year, unless otherwise provided by an act of the general court. School building aid grants shall be funded from appropriations in the state operating budget and no state bonds shall be authorized or issued for the purpose of funding such school building aid grants.
V. The department of education shall develop and maintain a 10-year school facilities plan of potential school building grant projects. Potential projects shall include, but not be limited to, criteria pursuant to RSA 198:15-c, II(b). The 10-year plan is intended to create a method to identify and enhance school facilities in a safe, healthy, and efficient manner while providing adequate learning environments for New Hampshire's students. The 10-year plan shall be updated every biennium to provide the department a summary of projects and school facility capital expenditures that are anticipated for the next 10 years. The state board of education shall adopt rules pursuant to RSA 541-A relative to this paragraph. The plan shall identify new construction, renovation, and emergency projects, and describe the overall condition of projects contained in the plan.

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