Section 194-B:9

    194-B:9 Chartered Public Schools; Pupil Selection; Enrollment; Separation. –
I. Except as provided for under RSA 194-B:8, IV:
(a) Chartered public schools may set maximum enrollment as they deem appropriate.
(b) Chartered public schools may limit enrollment to specific grade or age levels, pupil needs, or areas of academic focus including, but not limited to, at-risk pupils, vocational education pupils, mathematics, science, the arts, history, or languages.
(c)(1) Chartered public schools may select pupils on the basis of aptitude, academic achievement, or need, provided that such selection is directly related to the academic goals of the school.
(2) If the number of otherwise eligible applicants to a particular chartered public school exceeds that school's maximum published enrollment, that school shall use lottery selection as a basis for admission.
(3) If the number of otherwise eligible applicants to chartered public schools located inside and outside the school district exceeds that district's published maximum percentage of pupils authorized to attend such schools, the district shall use lottery selection as a basis for pupil eligibility, and in accordance with RSA 194-B:2, IV.
II. A pupil may withdraw from a chartered public school at any time and enroll in a public school where the pupil resides, except that no pupil shall change schools more than once each school year. That pupil's local school board may waive this limitation after a hearing.
III. A pupil may be suspended or expelled from a chartered public school based on criteria determined by the board of trustees consistent with the advice of the principal and teachers and in conformance with RSA 193:13. No public school shall be obligated to enroll an expelled pupil.
IV. For the purpose of this chapter, any resident pupil enrolled in a chartered public school is to be considered reassigned to the chartered public school for purposes of school attendance.

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