Section 194-B:8

    194-B:8 Chartered Public Schools; Requirements; Options. –
I. A chartered public school shall not discriminate nor violate individual civil rights in any manner prohibited by law. A chartered public school shall not discriminate against any child with a disability as defined in RSA 186-C. A chartered public school shall provide due process in accordance with state and federal laws and rules.
II. A chartered public school shall comply with all applicable state and federal health and safety laws, rules, and regulations.
III. A chartered public school shall provide instruction for at least the number of days required by state law. A chartered public school shall comply with compulsory attendance laws as provided in RSA 189:1, 189:1-a, and 193:1. Innovative scheduling resulting in at least that number of attendance hours required under RSA 186-C:15, 189:1, 189:1-a, and 193:1 and current state board attendance rules shall be encouraged.
IV. A chartered public school providing the only available public education services at a specific grade level in a school district shall offer those educational services to all resident pupils of that grade level.
V. At least annually and near the end of each school year, a chartered public school shall evaluate the educational progress of each pupil, as specified in RSA 194-B:3, II(h). Such evaluation shall include, but not be limited to, the New Hampshire statewide education improvement and assessment program, as provided in RSA 193-C. The cost of the state assessment program shall be borne by the state.
VI. A chartered public school may be located in part of an existing public school building, in space provided on a private work site, in a public building, or any other suitable location. A chartered public school may own, lease, or rent its own space, or utilize space based on other innovative arrangements.
VII. (a) A chartered public school may contract for services with any private or public entity including, but not limited to, private and public schools or districts, except for teaching services which may not be obtained from a nonpublic school.
(b) All contracted services shall be defined by purchase order or written contract in advance of such service being provided.
(c) Any contractor shall provide proof of adequate professional liability insurance.
(d) Subcontracts for teaching services with nonpublic schools are prohibited.

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