Section 194-B:3-a

    194-B:3-a Chartered Public School Approval by State Board of Education. –
I. The state board of education may grant charter status to applicants that meet the requirements of this chapter.
II. The proposed chartered public school application shall be presented for approval directly to the state board of education by the applicant for the prospective chartered public school. The content of such application shall conform to the requirements set forth in RSA 194-B:3, II(a)-(bb) and (dd)-(ee). The department of education shall notify an applicant of any missing information within 10 days of the initial filing. The applicant shall file any missing information before the department reviews the application.
III. The department of education may forward the proposed application to the applicant, along with a written statement detailing any suggested amendments or modifications.
IV. The state board of education shall either approve or deny an application using reasonable discretion in the assessment of the elements set forth in RSA 194-B:3, II, (a)-(bb) and (dd)-(ee). Lack of state funding alone shall not constitute grounds for the denial of an application. Approval of an application constitutes the granting of charter status and the right to operate as a chartered public school. The state board of education shall notify all applicants of its decision in writing, and shall include in any notice of denial a written statement specifying any areas deemed deficient, the reasons for the denial, and explaining that the applicant may reapply under RSA 194-B:3 or under this section in a subsequent year.
V. (a) The following provisions of law shall not apply to chartered public school applications proposed under this section, or to chartered public schools granted approval for operation under this section:
(1) RSA 194-B:3, II(cc).
(2) RSA 194-B:3, III-IV.
(3) RSA 194-B:3, XI.
(4) RSA 194-B:15, II.
(b) Except as provided in this paragraph, the provisions of RSA 194-B shall apply to chartered public schools approved for operation by the state board of education under this section.
(c) [Repealed.]

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