Section 193-A:5

    193-A:5 Notification and Other Procedural Requirements. –
A parent may provide home education to a child or children at home, subject to the following requirements:
I. Any parent commencing a home education program for a child, for a child who withdraws from a public school, or for a child who moves into a school district shall notify the commissioner of the department of education, resident district superintendent, or principal of a nonpublic school of such within 5 business days of commencing the program.
II. Notification made by the parent pursuant to paragraph I shall include a list of the names, addresses, and birth dates of all children who are participating in the home education program.
III. Written notice of termination of a home education program shall be filed by the parent with the commissioner of education, and, in addition, the resident district superintendent or nonpublic school principal within 15 days of said termination.
IV. The commissioner of education, resident district superintendent, or nonpublic school principal shall acknowledge receipt of notification within 14 days of such receipt.

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