Section 188-E:6

    188-E:6 Costs for Students Attending Career and Technical Education Programs. –
I. The state shall pay a portion of the cost of tuition and reimburse transportation costs, as provided in this section, for a sending district student attending an approved career and technical education (CTE) program.
II. A student's sending district shall be financially responsible for 25 percent of the career and technical education portion of the receiving district's cost per pupil for the prior school year, as calculated by the department of education.
III. Any sending district student who attends an approved CTE program that provides instruction in subject areas approved by the state board of education shall be eligible for payment of tuition and reimbursement of transportation costs. Students enrolled in introductory CTE courses, pre-CTE courses, or other CTE programs offering instruction in subject areas not approved by the state board of education shall not be eligible for payment of tuition and transportation reimbursement.
IV. In consultation with the house and senate committees responsible for education policy and financial matters, the state board of education shall, in rules adopted pursuant to RSA 541-A, develop a formula for determining the tuition and transportation costs for approved career technical education programs and procedures for disbursement of funds.

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