University of New Hampshire

Section 187-A:7

    187-A:7 The State Fund. –
I. For the purpose of providing a fund to be known as the university system of New Hampshire fund, the state treasurer shall credit to such fund the appropriation made to the university system for each fiscal year.
II. All sums so credited are appropriated to said university system for the support and maintenance thereof, including payments of salaries and wages to employees, and current expenses; the construction of additional buildings; the taking of land by eminent domain; the purchase of land, library books, and periodicals; the making of necessary repairs and replacements; the building of roads and walks; the improvement of the grounds; the construction, extension and maintenance of water, sewer and heating systems; and in general for the payment of all such expenses incident to the management of the university system as the trustees thereof may from time to time determine.
III. This fund shall constitute a continuing appropriation for the benefit of the university system. Any amount remaining to the credit of the university system at the close of any fiscal year shall be carried over and credited to its account for the succeeding year. No part of the fund shall be used for the payment of salaries or expenses of extension service agents resident in the counties of the state.

Source. 1981, 331:1. 1986, 27:1, eff. June 30, 1986.