Section 187-A:13

    187-A:13 Trustees of University System. –
The general government of the university system and its constituent divisions and institutions shall be vested in a single board of trustees composed as follows and in accordance with the following conditions:
I. Eight ex-officio members: the governor of the state, the chancellor of the university system, the commissioner of agriculture, markets, and food, the commissioner of education, the president of the university of New Hampshire, the president of Plymouth state university, the president of Keene state college, the president of the Granite state college.
II. Ten members appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the council.
III. (a) Two members shall be students enrolled at Keene state college, Plymouth state university, Granite state college, or the university of New Hampshire who shall serve as student trustees, for the term indicated in this paragraph, on a rotating basis in the order listed below:
(1) One student each from the university of New Hampshire and Plymouth state university.
(2) One student each from Plymouth state university and Granite state college.
(3) One student each from Granite state college and Keene state college.
(4) One student each from Keene state college and the university of New Hampshire.
(b) The student trustees shall be elected by the student body at the school responsible for providing the student trustees. The term of the student trustees shall be for one year commencing July 1 of the year for which the student was elected and ending June 30 of the next year. Student trustees shall be expected to serve the full duration of their elected term. In the event that a student trustee ceases for any reason to attend the school from which the student was elected, the chancellor of the university system shall declare a vacancy in that student trustee position, and the school causing the vacancy shall elect a replacement student trustee who shall serve for the remainder of the predecessor's term. Graduation of a student trustee shall not constitute a vacancy under this paragraph.
IV. Four members elected by the alumni of the university of New Hampshire.
V. One member elected by the alumni of Keene state college.
VI. One member elected by the alumni of Plymouth state university.
VII. One member elected by the alumni of Granite state college.
VIII. The senate president or designee from the senate leadership.
IX. The speaker of the house of representatives or designee from the house leadership.
At all times, 2 members of the board shall be farmers and both major political parties shall be represented on the board.

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