Livestock Auction

Section 427:41

    427:41 Requirements. –
A livestock dealer licensed under this subdivision shall:
I. Maintain in a clean and sanitary condition all premises, buildings and conveyances used in the business of dealing in livestock or operating a livestock auction or sales ring.
II. Submit premises, buildings and conveyances to inspection, and livestock to inspection and test, at any such times as the commissioner may deem necessary and advisable.
III. Allow no livestock on the livestock dealer's premises from herds or premises quarantined by the commissioner of agriculture, markets, and food or his agent, except those accompanied by special permit issued by the commissioner of agriculture, markets, and food or his agent.
IV. Maintain, subject to inspection by the commissioner or his agent, a proper record in which all livestock purchased, repossessed, sold or loaned are to be listed, giving breed, date purchased, repossessed, sold or loaned, and from whom obtained and to whom delivered. Such record shall also show the ear tag number of each animal. Registered purebred cattle which do not bear ear tags shall be recorded by giving official tattoo markings, description and such other information as is necessary to identify such cattle;
V. Keep records of all animals destined for market or slaughter indicating identification, farm or origin and destination, and shall submit said records to the commissioner at no more than 30-day intervals; and
VI. Abide by such other reasonable rules as the commissioner may adopt to prevent the spread of disease. The commissioner shall send a copy of such rules to all livestock dealers licensed under the provisions of this subdivision.
VII. A person transporting livestock shall have in his or her possession a bill of sale or other memorandum signed by the vendor, the date of sale or other transaction involving the transfer of possession, the breed, age, approximate weight, and number of animals being transported.

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