Meat Inspection

Section 427:14-a

    427:14-a Periodic Review; Establishments, Inspectors. –
I. The commissioner may direct certified meat inspectors designated by the department to periodically review registered establishments to assure that the provisions of this subdivision are complied with and that the public health, safety, and welfare are protected.
II. Any periodic review shall include an examination of the establishment's sanitation practices; sanitation of the areas where meat products are prepared, stored, and displayed; the adequacy of any refrigeration system used for meat food products; labeling; and meat food products for wholesomeness and adulteration. In addition, the inspector conducting the periodic review may conduct any other examination necessary to assure compliance with this chapter.
III. The inspector may issue a stop sale or use order for any violation of this chapter, or of the rules adopted pursuant to this chapter. Any person receiving a stop sale or use order shall immediately remove the meat, or meat food product from sale, or shall immediately cease to use any equipment or area as directed by the order until the order is lifted. The inspector may lift a stop sale or use order once he or she has determined that the violation has been corrected. Any person receiving a stop sale or use order may appeal the decision to the commissioner within 5 days of receiving the order.
IV. After discovery of a violation of this chapter, or the rules adopted pursuant to this chapter, the commissioner may take any additional action against the establishment or a certified meat inspector which he or she deems appropriate, including instituting a disciplinary proceeding and causing a civil, equitable, or criminal court proceeding to be brought against the establishment or inspector.

Source. 2011, 130:3, eff. Aug. 5, 2011.