Section 216-A:2

    216-A:2 Duties, Director of Parks and Recreation. –
The director of the division of parks and recreation, under the supervision of the commissioner of natural and cultural resources, shall execute all matters related to the design, development, administration, operation, and maintenance of the state park system. These responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:
I. The director shall continually assess the state's recreational needs and formulate a state park development plan which addresses those needs, and shall supervise the implementation of that plan.
II. The director shall implement a maintenance program for state parks and recreational areas to ensure that the natural, historical, and recreational value of these areas is preserved and the state's investment in such facilities is protected.
III. The director shall develop and implement operating procedures for the state park system designed to ensure its efficient administration and high standards of operation, maintenance, and service within the purposes established in RSA 216-A:1.
IV. The director shall cooperate with the director of the division of forests and lands on matters pertaining to the joint recreational and forestry use of state lands, with other state and federal agencies in the development of parkways and scenic routes, in the development of wayside picnic areas, in the promotion of hunting and fishing on public recreational areas, and in the promotion of better understanding of the recreational advantages of the state.
V. The director may also recommend for state acquisition lands or the use of lands for recreational purposes and for the protection and preservation of areas of unusual scenic, scientific, historic, or other value.
VI. The director shall purchase such merchandise for resale and such operating supplies and materials as may be necessary for the operation of the ski school, ski rental and repair, souvenir, and food services concessions at Cannon Mountain. The operating costs shall be a direct charge against gross sales receipts.
VII. The director shall prepare a 5 year capital budget for capital development at Cannon Mountain in consultation with the Cannon Mountain Advisory Commission, pursuant to RSA 12-A:29-b to be submitted by the commissioner to the general court on a biennial basis.
VIII. The director shall be responsible for all personnel and equipment at the ski operations, and any other duties that may be assigned to the director by the commissioner of natural and cultural resources.

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