Section 169-C:25

    169-C:25 Confidentiality. –
I. (a) The court records of proceedings under this chapter shall be kept in books and files separate from all other court records. Such records shall be withheld from public inspection but shall be open to inspection by the parties, child, parent, grandparent pursuant to subparagraph (b), guardian, custodian, attorney, or other authorized representative of the child.
(b) A grandparent seeking access to court records under subparagraph (a) shall file a request for access with the court clerk supported by an affidavit signed by the grandparent stating the reasons for requesting access and shall give notice of such request to all parties to the case and the minor's parents. Any party to the case or parent may object to the grandparent's request within 10 days of the filing of the request. If no objection is made, and for good cause shown, the grandparent's request may be granted by the court. If an objection is made, access may be granted only by court order.
II. It shall be unlawful for any person present during a child abuse or neglect hearing to disclose any information concerning the hearing that may identify a child or parent who is involved in the hearing without the prior permission of the court. Any person who knowingly violates this provision shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
III. All case records, as defined in RSA 170-G:8-a, relative to abuse and neglect, shall be confidential, and access shall be provided pursuant to RSA 170-G:8-a.

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