Section 169-B:25

    169-B:25 Petition by County Attorney or Attorney General. – If facts are presented to the county attorney or attorney general establishing that a person under the age of 18 has been guilty of conduct which constitutes a felony or would amount to a felony in the case of an adult and if such person is not within the jurisdiction of this state, the county attorney or attorney general may file a petition with the judge of the municipal or district court which would otherwise have jurisdiction under the provisions of this chapter. The petition shall set forth the nature of the offense with which the person is charged and shall specify the person's whereabouts if known. On receipt of such petition, the court may summarily authorize the county attorney or attorney general to proceed against such person under regular criminal procedures, and without regard to the provisions of this chapter. Pending determination by the superior court as provided in this section and pending final disposition of the matter, such persons shall be bailable with sufficient sureties as in the case of adults and, in default thereof, may be committed to the custody of the juvenile probation and parole officer or detained at a county correctional facility unless detention elsewhere is ordered by the superior court. The superior court shall determine, after hearing, whether such person shall be treated as a juvenile under the provisions of this section or whether the case shall be disposed of according to regular criminal procedures.

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