Section 167:3-c

    167:3-c Rulemaking. –
The commissioner of the department of health and human services shall adopt rules under RSA 541-A relative to:
I. Eligibility for assistance under RSA 167:4.
II. Consolidated standards of need, standards of need and payment standards under RSA 167:7, I, I-a, and II.
II-a. Criteria for special needs and emergency assistance programs under RSA 167:7, V.
II-b. The standard of need for residential care facilities under RSA 167:7, I-a no later than November 1, 1988, and on an annual basis thereafter.
III. [Repealed.]
IV. The misuse of lists and records under RSA 167:31.
V. Personal needs allowance under RSA 167:27-b.
VI. Establishing an optional state coverage group under RSA 167:6, VII to provide medical assistance for children under the age of 19 years who are severely disabled.
VII. [Repealed.]
VIII. Implementing the children's health plan under RSA 167:66-68.
IX. The amount of earned income to be disregarded for purposes of calculating eligibility for aid to the permanently and totally disabled.
X. Establishing the income eligibility limit for child day care services that make child care assistance available to families; provided, however, that the income eligibility limit shall be such that at least those families whose gross monthly income is 185 percent or less of the federal poverty guidelines, and who meet all other eligibility requirements, are eligible for child day care services.
XI. The types of data, frequency, and method of reporting which each health carrier shall be required to cross-match with the department under RSA 167:4-b and RSA 420-G:11, II.
XII. The MEAD work incentive program under RSA 167:6, IX and RSA 167:3-i as follows:
(a) Eligibility for the program, including medical need and asset and income limits.
(b) Participant employment requirements.
(c) Premiums to be paid by participants, on a sliding fee scale based on the net income of program participants.
(d) Termination of participation for nonpayment of premium or other good cause.
(e) Requirements that the participant disclose any employer-sponsored health insurance available to the participant.

[Paragraph XII-a effective on the date the commissioner of the department of health and human services certifies approval of the state plan amendment by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.]

XII-a. Administration of the MOAD work incentive program established pursuant to RSA 167:6, IX-a and RSA 167:3-m.
XIII. The administration of the payment of funds for persons eligible to receive nursing home services. Prior to the submission of proposed rules under RSA 541-A, such rules shall be submitted for review by the county-state finance commission under RSA 28-B.
XIV. [Repealed.]
XV. Procedures for making the home visiting program available to all Medicaid eligible pregnant women, infants, and families with children up to age one pursuant to RSA 167:68, II(e).
XVI. Telehealth services under RSA 167:4-d.

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