Section 162-C:2

    162-C:2 Responsibilities. –
The council shall:
I. Consult upon common problems in the fields of environmental protection, natural resources, and growth management including the encouragement of smart growth;
II. Consult with, negotiate with, and obtain information from, any federal or state agency concerned with any of the council's problems, reports, recommendations or studies;
III. Make biennial reports and recommendations, as may be desirable, to the governor and council;
IV. Make studies and recommendations concerning changes to effectively coordinate the work of the agencies which have membership in the council;
V. Resolve differences or conflicts concerning development, resource management, or the encouragement of smart growth which result from the work of any agency represented on the council in developing policies, plans, or programs. The council shall investigate; if possible, resolve the problem; and if appropriate, submit its recommendations to the governor and council or to the general court. If investigation by the council shows that the laws and rules of an agency represented on the council are in conflict with those of another agency, the council shall submit a report with recommendations to the governor and council or to the general court;
VI. Resolve differences and conflicts among the agencies and departments of the state in the implementation of the tourism policy under RSA 12-O:14;
VII. Review the disposal of state owned real property pursuant to RSA 4:40;
VIII. Provide oversight relative to the statewide public boat access program, work with the public water access advisory board and provide recommendations to the governor and executive council regarding public access;
IX. Complete the smart growth report required under RSA 9-B:6;
X. Review and coordinate the distribution of funds by state agencies to local and regional entities to encourage consistency with and provide support for New Hampshire's smart growth policies under RSA 9-B:4;
XI. Review the following actions by state agencies and ensure, in consultation with the long range capital planning and utilization committee established by RSA 17-M:1-3, that these actions are taken into consideration in the long range capital improvement program that is updated every 2 years in conjunction with the capital budget process, and provide recommendations to the governor regarding whether the actions are consistent with New Hampshire's smart growth policies under RSA 9-B:5:
(a) Capital budget requests;
(b) Building operation and maintenance plans; and
(c) Facility location and planning; and
XII. Facilitate coordination of state agencies to support local, regional, and state planning efforts consistent with RSA 9-A:1-4.

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