Section 161-B:2

    161-B:2 Definitions. –
In this chapter:
I. "Certification" means written notification from the department to any appropriate licensing board that an obligor is not in compliance with a legal order of support for the purpose of suspending, revoking, or denying the issuance or renewal of any appropriate license or licenses held by an obligor.
II. "Child" or "children"' means any child who is not emancipated, self-supporting, or married, and shall include natural and adoptive children.
III. "Compliance with a legal order of support" means:
(a) The obligor is fewer than 60 days in arrears for payment of ongoing child support pursuant to a legal order of support payable to or through the department and has obtained or maintained health insurance coverage as required by a legal order of support;
(b) The obligor is making ongoing periodic support payments pursuant to the legal order of support and is making periodic or lump sum payment on a support arrearage in accordance with the obligor's ability to pay and pursuant to a legal order of support;
(c) The obligor's wages are assigned pursuant to RSA 458-B and the wage assignment, pursuant to a court order or pursuant to RSA 458-B:4, addresses arrearages; or
(d) In cases involving arrearages only, the obligor is making periodic or lump sum payments on the support arrearage pursuant to a court order or pursuant to a wage assignment under RSA 458-B:4.
IV. "Dependent child" shall mean any natural or adoptive child, who has not reached the age of 18 and is not self-supporting, married, or a member of the armed services.
V. "Commissioner" means the commissioner of the department of health and human services, or the commissioner's designee or authorized representative.
VI. "Department" means the department of health and human services.
VII. "Legal order of support" means any judgment or order for the support of dependent children issued by any court of the state of New Hampshire or another state, or any body authorized by law of this or another state to issue and modify support orders.
VIII. "License" means:
(a) A license, privilege, certification, registration, bar membership, permit, or other document evidencing admission to or granting authority to engage in a profession, occupation, business, or industry.
(b) A license to operate a motor vehicle on the public ways of this state pursuant to RSA 263 or any other state having reciprocity with this state.
(c) A license to engage in hunting, fishing, or trapping pursuant to RSA 214.
IX. "Licensee" means any individual having applied for or holding a license.
X. "Licensing board" means any department, bureau, board, commission, bar association, state agency, or municipality, or other licensor that has authority to issue licenses authorizing a person to engage in a business, occupation, profession, or industry, to operate a motor vehicle, or to engage in hunting, fishing, or trapping.
XI. "Obligor" means a person found to be legally liable for support.
XII. "Person" means an individual, trust, estate, partnership, association, company, corporation, political subdivision of the state, or instrumentality of the state.
XIII. "Public assistance" means money payments, furnished by the state pursuant to RSA 161 or RSA 167, or any rules adopted under those chapters, to or on behalf of dependent children.
XIII-a. "Rate of collection" means, for every category of child support case, the average amount of child support collected per open case for that category in a given time period.
XIV. "Responsible parent" or "parent" means a natural or adoptive parent.

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