Section 153-A:20

    153-A:20 Rulemaking. –
The commissioner shall adopt rules, under RSA 541-A, relative to:
I. The licensing and operation of emergency medical service units, emergency medical service vehicles, and emergency medical care providers, including advanced emergency medical care providers.
II. [Repealed.]
III. Necessary equipment and staffing for emergency medical service vehicles, including standards of suitability for such vehicles used in the transportation of patients in relation to health, sanitation, safety, communications, maintenance, on-board medical equipment, safety equipment, extrication equipment, markings, garaging conditions, and care and condition of the emergency medical service vehicle and its equipment.
IV. Reporting by emergency medical service units and maintenance of patient records, including protecting the confidentiality of patient records.
V. Length of licensure and procedures for issuance, renewal, limitation, suspension, and revocation of licensure authorized under this chapter.
VI. Levels of qualifications for licensure, including demonstration of coverage for financial liability.
VII. Procedures for hearings and investigations.
VIII. Training, including training programs for students and emergency medical services instructor/coordinators, requirements for training agencies, testing and student supervision.
IX. Communication.
X. Patient triage and transfer.
XI. Mass casualty response.
XII. Certification standards for licensed physicians, registered nurses, and physician assistants, in accordance with RSA 153-A:16.
XIII. Fees required under this chapter.
XIV. Operation of emergency medical care units.
XV. Responsibilities and authority for councils established under RSA 153-A:6.
XVI. Methods of providing data to bodies established under this chapter while maintaining confidentiality as required under RSA 21-P:12-b, II(g).
XVII. What constitutes good cause for waiver of a license under RSA 153-A:10, VI and 153-A:11, V.
XVIII. A schedule of administrative fines imposed under RSA 153-A:22 for violation of this chapter or the rules adopted pursuant to it.
XIX. Procedures for notice and hearing prior to the imposition of an administrative fine imposed under RSA 153-A:22.
XX. The categories of classification of hospitals which provide adult and pediatric trauma services.
XXI. Procurement, storage, and security of noncontrolled and controlled prescription drugs approved for use by emergency medical care providers in accordance with RSA 318 and RSA 318-B.
XXII. Implementation and administration of the automated external defibrillator registry established in RSA 153-A:32.
XXIII. The administration of the quality management program established under RSA 153-A:34.
XXIV. [Repealed.]
XXV. Implementing strategies and procedures necessary to increase the acceptance of military training and experience towards licensure for military veterans seeking to be licensed as an emergency medical care provider. For the purposes of this subparagraph, "veterans" means veterans as defined in 38 U.S.C. section 101(2).

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