Section 151-E:4

    151-E:4 Consumer Choice. –
I. A person who has been determined to be Medicaid eligible for nursing facility services in accordance with RSA 151-E:3 shall have the right to receive nursing facility services; however, the person shall be offered and may choose to receive services in a less restrictive setting if such services are available. Such choice shall be offered in accordance with state laws and federal regulations. The person shall have the right to have his or her individual support plan developed through a person-centered planning process regardless of age, disability, or residential setting. The department shall take into consideration the family and community supports available to the person, the family's desire and ability to care for the person, and shall ensure that all consideration and support is offered to the family to maintain the person in home and community-based care. Nothing in this section is intended to require the provision of financial assistance or supports by a family member.
II. All individuals, entities, or organizations under contract to provide services in accordance with this chapter shall administer programs and services in accordance with 42 C.F.R. section 441.301, and any subsequent amendments thereto.

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