Section 151-E:11

    151-E:11 Program Management and Cost Controls. –
I. The department shall designate in its operating budget requests specific class lines for nursing facility, mid-level, and home-based care provided for in this chapter. These class lines shall reflect, and the requesting documentation shall include, the anticipated number of persons to receive services. The department shall not increase expenditures in approved budgets for these class lines or the number of persons to receive mid-level or home care services without the approval of the legislative fiscal committee, and the prior review of the county-state finance commission. The medicaid rates paid for nursing facility services, mid-level care services, and home and community-based care services shall not be reduced below those levels in effect on the last day of the previous biennium. No transfers may be made from the nursing facility medicaid quality incentive program and all funding derived from that program shall be paid to nursing facilities.
II. [Repealed.]
III. (a) The methodology for determining the cost of care for recipients in the home and community-based care waiver program for the elderly and chronically ill shall include the cost of:
(1) Waiver program services; and
(2) Other medicaid long-term care services, including but not limited to personal care, home health services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, adult medical day program services, private duty nursing, and case management services.
(b) Such methodology shall not include services rendered for the treatment of an acute illness or injury.
IV. Pursuant to RSA 541-A, the commissioner of the department of health and human services, with prior reporting to the oversight committee on health and human services, shall adopt by rule methodologies for determining the cost and average annual cost of home-based care, mid-level care, and intermediate, skilled, or specialized nursing facility care, including:
(a) Bases for the methodologies;
(b) Identification of services considered in determining costs;
(c) Average annual costs based on the annual average number of recipients in the setting;
(d) The requirement that nursing facility care include both the initial Medicaid rate and supplemental rates paid through the Medicaid Quality Incentive Program; and
(e) The requirement that the nursing facility will include the cost for transitional case management.

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