Section 149-M:7

    149-M:7 Rulemaking. –
The commissioner shall have the responsibility and authority to adopt rules, under RSA 541-A, relative to this chapter, including rules relative to:
I. Criteria for approving town and district solid waste plans.
II. Criteria for all types of facilities, including standards for the proper receipt, reclamation, or disposal of separated motor vehicle wastes.
III. Administration of a permit system, including the terms, conditions, and time frames under which the department shall issue, modify, suspend, revoke, deny, approve, or transfer permits required by this chapter, and means of noticing the public about such permits including, but not limited to, using electronic means via notice on the department's Internet website, and communicating permitting information with affected municipalities.
IV. A schedule of permit fees.
V. Standards for granting any exemptions or notice waivers from RSA 149-M:9.
VI. Administration of a solid waste facility operator training program pursuant to RSA 149-M:9, VI.
VII. Administration of and standards for the assessment and collection of the out-of-state solid waste surcharge pursuant to RSA 149-M:6, XI.
VIII. Standards and procedures for the treatment and disposal of special waste.
IX. Administrative fines as provided in RSA 149-M:16.
X. A schedule of administrative fines which may be imposed under this section for violation of this chapter as provided in paragraph IX.
XI. Procedures for notice and hearing prior to the imposition of an administrative fine.
XII. Administration of the aid to municipalities program provided in RSA 149-M:41 through 50.
XIII. Toxics reduction provided in RSA 149-M:32-40.
XIV. Establish minimum standards for closing all solid waste facilities according to type of waste disposed of, and establish state closure guidelines for all facility owners and operators which shall include, but not be limited to, monitoring, restoration, and correction and compliance procedures which may be necessary in the maintenance of a closed landfill facility.
XV. Requirements and best practices for facilities that compost organics, including vegetable matter, meat, meat byproducts, dairy products, or dairy product derivatives.
XVI. Such other rules as are deemed necessary to implement the provisions of this chapter.

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