Inspectors of Election

Section 658:2

    658:2 Appointment. – Each state political committee of the 2 political parties which received the largest number of votes cast for governor at the last previous general election is authorized through their respective chairmen to appoint between May 15 and July 15 of each general election year 2 inspectors of election to act at each polling place. If the number of voters qualified to vote at a polling place shall exceed 2,000, said political committees may each appoint for such polling place one additional inspector for each 1,500 qualified voters or fraction thereof in excess of 2,000. By April 15 of each general election year, the secretary of state shall provide a list to the chairman of each such state political committee of the number of inspectors of election that should be appointed for each town or ward. Each such state political committee may also appoint such equal number of additional inspectors as the moderator considers necessary for the efficient conduct of the election. On or before July 15, the chairmen of said political committees shall notify the appointees and the town or ward clerk concerned as to appointments made under this authority. If any such appointments are not made by said political committees and proper notification thereof given on or before July 15, then the appointments shall be made by the selectmen of the town or ward in equal numbers from said 2 political parties.

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