Section 621:25

    621:25 Remands and Changes in Conditions of Release. –
The board or the commissioner, subject to the approval of the board, may modify or cancel any arrangements or conditions relative to release, other than discharge of a child, or may order a child remanded to the center, until the child reaches the age of 18 years or is discharged under RSA 621:19. Under the direction of the board and subject to rules adopted by the commissioner the department shall:
I. Seek out proper places for children who are qualified for administrative release to parole or parole and keep in contact with these children after they are so released;
II. Make reports of its activities to the board when so required. When the department deems it to be in the best interest of a child on administrative release to parole or parole to be placed under different conditions, it shall report the case fully to the board, together with its recommendations, and the board shall act on the case in whatever manner seems to them to be in the best interests of the child; and
III. Remand children to the center with the same power and authority as provided to the board or under such terms and conditions as the board may prescribe.

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