Section 485-A:6

    485-A:6 Rulemaking. –
The commissioner shall adopt rules, under RSA 541-A, after public hearing, relative to:
I. The classification system required by RSA 485-A:9.
II. Requirements under RSA 485-A:4, VI.
III. Requirements under RSA 485-A:4, IX and establishing the methodology and review process for approval of innovative/alternative wastewater treatment systems.
IV. The fees and contract documents required under RSA 485-A:4, XII.
V. The prequalification and contract award procedures required under RSA 485-A:4, XIII.
VI. The standards required under RSA 485-A:4, XV.
VI-a. Procedures and criteria for requesting, reviewing, and granting certifications under RSA 485-A:12, III and IV.
VII. The required information and prescribed conditions needed to implement the program described in RSA 485-A:13, I(a).
VIII. The requirements for a permit under RSA 485-A:17.
IX. [Repealed.]
X. The safety standards for swimming pools and bathing places required by RSA 485-A:26.
X-a. The requirements for permits under RSA 485-A:4, XVI-a and XVI-b.
XI. The minimum qualifications for and certification of operators of pollution control facilities.
XI-a. The contents of the written notification required in RSA 485-A:13, I(c).
XI-b. Certification of operators of wastewater treatment plants and revocation and suspension of such certificates as provided in RSA 485-A:7-d.
XI-c. The location, extent, and duration of the standards specified in RSA 485-A:8, III for the temporary partial use areas provided for in RSA 485-A:8, II.
XII. [Repealed.]
XIII. The disposal of dental office waste under RSA 485-A:4, XVIII.
XIV. Dissolved oxygen water quality standards under RSA 485-A:8, II and II-a.
XV. Water quality standards consistent with RSA 485-A:8 and as required by the Clean Water Act.

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